Posted On February 8, 2017 By Shreyansh Surana
Which HAT are you wearing today?
I came across a wonderful blogfrom Seth Godin, which says that every individual wears one of the following three hats at their job.
Posted On February 3, 2017 By Shreyansh Surana
Marketing operations : In house or outsource?
After we published our blog: “My Digital Marketing isn’t working”, we received a few queries from CEOs and CMOs and found a common thread in all the queries- "I now understand the importance of...
Posted On January 24, 2017 By Shreyansh Surana
My digital marketing isn't working
While you are reading this, I can imagine you thinking, I have done everything right in my digital marketing strategy including using great marketing tools but then the results are not showing up....
Posted On January 17, 2017 By Shreyansh Surana
Why we started Fractional CMO
I have been into technology marketing for over a decade. Many times, I have been asked ‘what’s your role in your company’ and the answer which I consistently give in last few years has been “I learn...

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