Kanad & Shreyansh on AI in RevOps, key KPIs, and insights for a better strategy

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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams, in the Academy Award-winning movie, “Dead Poets Society”.

And so, for this fantastic podcast episode, Kanad Bahalkar (Founder, Potion) invited Shreyansh Surana (CEO & Founder, Fractional CMO) to share his enriching RevOps bliss.

While Kanad is determined to revolutionize the world of video prospecting with Potion, Shreyansh brings in his years of experience as a revenue operations expert.

They dive into topics ranging from adapting to the latest technologies in the revOps world, significant tools, B2B checklist, top metrics, KPIs, AI trends, and of course the fact that revOps is here to stay.

We hope you are ready for the show, all set to gather the nuggets that come along the way! 😀

Importance of adapting to the latest technologies

On this issue, while admitting that it’s a cliche, Shreyansh mentioned that “Nothing is constant”. For instance, this whole AI thing is completely changing the landscape and RevOps is not an exception.

When he started his career, there were 500-600 tools available with different applications, but now the number has skyrocketed beyond 10,000. And because your consumers are changing, you have to evolve as well.

Kanad added on by citing the importance of adapting to the “tectonic shifts”, to be able to compete, which stands true for all sized organizations.

“You’re not selling, you’re not marketing, but you’re talking to people”

Kanad put forward an interesting question, inquiring about Shreyansh’s approach to leadership and whether being an introvert can become a roadblock.

He replied by saying that, he tries to inculcate the concept “you’re not selling, you’re not marketing, but you’re talking to people” into his team. He rightly pointed out that, the target audience is human too.

So, rather than merely pitching, you should be aware of why you are talking to that person, you should have a common point. If not, better not to have a conversation. And when you are clear about your purpose, it doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted.

In short, sales & and marketing has to be done with a human approach, rather than going by the books.

The things that B2B startups need to do to get their basic HubSpot setup done

While calling the blogs of Fractional CMO “mind-blowingly awesome”, Kanad recalled a blog centered around the setting up of HubSpot, hence he wished to know more about the same.

Shreyansh pointed out that the Fractional CMO has a useful checklist regarding the same.

Beyond that, when you think of any system, first think of the zero day, when you do not have anything. Then think of what you would do to make your process work and to achieve your goals. And from there, you have to trace backward.

This will prevent you from making assumptions. For instance, the lead scoring that you build today, would not be the same in the next two months. Therefore, build a system which can be changed according to the external changes.

Regarding HubSpot, he highlighted the importance of training the team members properly to be able to utilize it efficiently. And HubSpot being so flexible, allows you to build it as per your needs.

Lastly, having the data structured properly before the implementation is pivotal.

We promise that we don’t mean to interrupt. 🙂

But if what you’ve read so far has fascinated you, feel free to watch the full episode and grasp a lot more beyond the scope of this blog:


The tool that’s awesome yet underutilized

On being asked this, Shreyansh began by citing that Potion is going to be one of the tools to watch out for, surely. The reason is, that it breaks the barriers to make the video/audio pitches scalable, allowing the sales team to save up time. Kanad on a lighter note replied, “Now the pressure is on us, we have to make sure that we deliver”. 😃

Shreyansh further mentioned that HubSpot is itself building plenty of tools and anyone building tools in the AI-engine environment to help you do things better is going to be successful.

Kanad added, that a personalized video has a high likelihood of engaging your prospect. However, scaling it is a challenge. And this was the idea behind the birth of Potion.

Top metrics, tracking systems, or KPIs that B2B start-ups don’t utilize properly

On this topic, Shreyansh opined that rather than focusing on vanity metrics, connect everything to your revenue. So, you need to bring RevOps and customer experience to the same table. 🤝And that’s the biggest KPI.

Shreyansh went on to mention that an important KPI is the time that we save for a sales or marketing leader, as this time can be used for strategy building. To make this possible, operations need to be done seamlessly.

Kanad emphasized the backtracking that Shreyansh had mentioned earlier to support Shreyansh’s views.

AI-Trends looking forward to, in 2024

You could see this coming! 👀

On this topic, Shreyansh expressed his wish that there was an AI tool in HubSpot that could convert his voice to text. It could save precious time while writing emails. Although this idea is not fresh on the scene, making the text’s pitch better is still a distant dream.

Also, if AI could help your campaign become better by suggesting the possible steps for the upcoming campaigns, it could be a watershed moment.

Kanad echoed similar thoughts that if AI could give insights, especially for the early stage of startups, it could serve as the guiding light.

The impact that Shreyansh wants to leave on the industry

Before winding things up, Kanad brought up this personal yet intriguing question.

Shreyansh started by mentioning the Fractional CMO’s RevXpert Academy, which will always be free. After all, one of his goals is to train as many people as possible to do RevOps efficiently, as this industry is here to stay. He is ready to pour his experience into ensuring that RevOps is done in a better way in the days to come.

Round of applause as you have made it to the end. 👏👏

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