How our partnership with Potion can bolster your conversion rate?

How our partnership with Potion can bolster your conversion rate?

Videos have always been used to educate, communicate, and market. 

As per the American author Allen Klein, “It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual.”

According to Adobe, 67% of consumers think it’s important for brands to adjust content based on current context automatically.

We are beyond delighted to have Potion as our technology partner, which brings out the best of both worlds with its personalized videos, AI-driven outreach, video prospecting, and video EmailThis combined with our expertise in revenue ops, marketing ops, sales ops, and marketing automation at Fractional CMO, can enable your conversion rates to soar high in no time.

Today, in B2B marketing, personalization has become a necessity. Thus, by knowing your pain points and facilitating the services tailor-made for your needs, we will together strive to make you the winner you deserve to be.

How Potion can revolutionize your business?

  • Personalized videos leave a human touch and easily become relatable. And guess what, Potion empowers you to create such AI-driven videos at scale. 

  • It effortlessly integrates with popular platforms like HubSpot, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc., which significantly enhances engagement and conversion rates.

  • It can enable you to increase reply rates to cold emails by 150%+ so that you can create outreach campaigns that truly stand out.

  • A study conducted by Epsilon found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized services.

The good news is, that you just have to record one video, and Potion with its advanced personalization will customize it for each prospect of yours. 

  • Potion maintains the personal touch that drives conversions with its cutting-edge AI-driven dynamic messaging, auto-generated screen recordings, customized branding on video pages, customized themes, calendar embeds, and numerous such features.

So, are you tired of the sluggish response rate, despite all the hard work from your end? Do you want your customers to be delighted with the enhanced personalization? Or, do you wish to drive more revenue from your ops?

If the answer is yes, then you could not have been better placed! 

Our RevOps experts at Fractional CMO are your ‘Hands-on-deck’ team to drive more revenue from your ops. We empower you by launching your pre-built campaigns, attribution implementation, dynamic Email, landing page development, and implementing solutions into your marketing automation and customer relationship platform.

And now with the Potion’s AI-driven Outreach, we together will strive to make you the champion in the field of personalization, RevOps, and B2B demand gen.

So, try Potion today and unlock the endless possibilities that personalized videos, AI-driven outreach, video prospecting, and video email bring to the table.


Partnership Marketing Roadmap: From Brainstorm to Outreach

As a time-tested strategy across industries, partnership marketing facilitates mutual growth, risk-sharing, and enhanced brand visibility.

It’s time to find out what more it has to offer!

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