5 (And a 1/2) Reasons Why HubSpot & Zoom Webinar Integration is a Must

5 (And a 1/2) Reasons Why HubSpot and Zoom Webinar Integration is a Must.

Imagine a fun day out at the movies - you’re fully immersed in the storyline and are having a great time. In the middle of the movie, you realize you’re hungry but the snack station at the cinemas is unappealing.

Thankfully, you find that there’s a food court in the building, and you can quickly browse through the many options and pick something that you like.

Hosting a Zoom event can be an immersive (and tedious) experience. And without the right tools, you’d never be able to scale your events the way you want.

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Furthermore, these tools must make sense inside the Zoom environment itself so you do not have to worry about two different platforms. Thankfully, a HubSpot and Zoom Webinar integration is a seamless and intuitive process that can take your event to the next level.

Zoom quickly attained a scurry of popularity during the pandemic when workplaces around the world depended on online tools to connect with employees.

Even in the post-covid world where more and more offices are opening up again, Zoom has managed to stay just as relevant because of its premium offerings such as breakout rooms and a higher attendance capacity.

People now host all sorts of events on Zoom - be it yoga classes, open mic nights, or even important business meetings. Zoom events are a cost-effective way of networking with new people and engaging your peers.

Why You Must Integrate Your Zoom Events with HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most versatile platforms out there in the market right now. It beautifully integrates with just about every other system to elevate its value. While a lot of people might look at a HubSpot integration as an add-on, we firmly believe it’s a must.

On the other hand, Zoom has graciously adapted to the post-pandemic era where people continue to use it because of the flexibility it provides. Events that would otherwise have been limited to a smaller audience can now have people tuning in from around the world, thanks to Zoom.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the many reasons why a HubSpot and Zoom Webinar integration is a must:

  1. Streamlined communication: Once you integrate the Zoom event with HubSpot, you will be able to streamline all future communications with somebody who registers for your event.

    You could build automated workflows wherein every new attendee receives a thank you mail and then gets periodic reminders about the event so it stays on top of their mind.

  2. Lead management: With this integration, you would be able to track engagement with event-related content. You can analyze exactly the way audiences engage with your content and what they seem to like more.

    Insights from this exercise will not only lead to better results for your campaign but will also provide you with historical data that you can use during future assignments.

  3. Automated workflows: HubSpot’s automated workflows allow users to streamline repetitive tasks and execute them with consistency. Automated workflows are especially important for companies looking to scale - as operations expand, workflows accommodate your requirements. They come in especially handy during events.

    A new user signs up for your webinar?

    Your HubSpot automatically sends them a thank you email. Information of everybody who registers is automatically stored in a directory that you can use for further communication. This saves valuable man-hours and ensures your campaign is run smoothly.  

    Automated workflows on HubSpot

  4. Better analytical tools: While Zoom does provide you with insights into the performance of an event, with HubSpot you get better analytical tools that help you engage with your leads more effectively and offer personalized communications.

  5. Centralized data: Rather than having your data scattered across multiple platforms, when you integrate HubSpot with your Zoom webinar, you have a bird-eye view of your entire campaign - information about attendees, content engagement rates, and other insights, as well as follow-up communications, can all be viewed in one place.

    Centralized data on HubSpot

And those are the 5 reasons why you should integrate your Zoom webinar with HubSpot. But wait, we did promise an extra half-reason, right?

While the 5 things mentioned above are reason enough to get a Zoom and HubSpot integration now, this project will benefit you in the future as well. Here’s how:

5.5 Follow-up engagement: The precious data that you get from a Zoom webinar about attendees, their interests, and engagement patterns, syncs seamlessly with HubSpot. This data can be used to nurture these new leads more intuitively. You can use this data to drive personalized content for each attendee and put together relevant follow-up communications.

Things to keep in mind before integrating your Zoom webinar with HubSpot

  • Review compatibility: Ensure that your subscription on Zoom and HubSpot includes the necessary tools to get the most out of the integration. This is an important step that should be carried out before the rest of the integration process.

  • Master HubSpot Form creation and management: Once you have all the tools you need, you need to understand how to use them. Since HubSpot forms will play a key role in registering people and bringing you data, make sure you know its important features and understand how they work.

  • Understand data: Ensure that you understand how to analyze the data and metrics on both platforms. This is important as all these insights will pave the way for building a results-driven marketing campaign.

  • Workflow automation: Identify triggers for an action and set it up beforehand. For example, every time somebody signs up, their details are stored in a centralized database.

    Zoom webinar workflow

  • Train users: Your work doesn’t end with achieving integration between HubSpot and your Zoom webinar - you must ensure that the team responsible for carrying out the event knows how to use this integration effectively and run their marketing campaign around it.

  • Prior testing: Make sure everything works the way you want it to work - this is an extremely important hygiene check that cannot be overlooked.

Summing up

HubSpot is to Zoom events what JARVIS is to Iron Man - it makes everything easier. 😉

Integrating these two is the best way to make the most out of your event and run it as seamlessly as possible. Additionally, HubSpot will enable you to leverage this event to gather leads and then nurture them with a meaningful communication strategy.

A Zoom webinar is an important marketing event and we understand if your hands are already full - but don’t worry, we have got you covered. 😉

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