7 Essential inbound marketing strategies every business should use

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You’ve planned your business, started working on your product or service and now you are ready to begin your marketing process.

Awesome! Here comes the real crunch. You may be wondering which inbound marketing strategy you should opt to get the maximum benefit You have heard a lot about inbound marketing and its benefits but are not sure which approach will work best for you.

If you are reading this, then it's a good start, as this blog will give you insights into some of the most trusted inbound marketing strategies which are used by many successful businesses.

Inbound marketing is more about an approach than that of tactics. Its main aim is to attract more prospects to your business rather than reaching out to them. Inbound Marketing is all about making your company get found by the customers by earning their attention with attractive and meaningful content.

Inbound marketing mainly focuses on providing value to its users, which in turn prompts those users to gravitate to your business when the need arises naturally. Inbound marketing is a process for people to get information when they want to make a purchase or just looking for an answer to their query.

In comparison to traditional marketing, inbound marketing strategies are more budget-friendly, gives a range of benefits to their users, and generates a higher ROI.

Inbound marketing uses several methods like opt-in email forms, organic search traffic, SEO, SMM, Influencer Marketing, personal branding, etc. but the main propeller is the content. Inbound marketing, in today’s world, is the best approach to every business whether it is brick-and-mortar, B2C, B2B, Tech, Non-tech, Saas, or otherwise.

Strategies you need to keep in mind while you start your inbound marketing journey

Know your buyer’s persona

Before writing any content for your website, you should understand your customer's needs and requirements. You should know Who you're writing? You should take into consideration your buyer's personas. Keep in mind, before writing any content you should know all about your customer.

Do segmentation of your customer based on their age, gender, location, job title, family life, etc. to get a clear understanding of your customer personas.

Based on the number of your customer personas, group your target audiences and write content for each group based on their requirements. Download our 'Self-help' Buyer Persona Guide.

Tell your customers, you exist 

In this competitive market, where everyone has a hectic schedule, your customers don't have time to go on a particular website and search for the information they need.

So you should make yourself found easily on search engines, as the website which is easily reachable gets maximum traffic, and it’s easy for the companies to turn those customers into leads.

For your website to get found quickly,  and get a higher rank on search engines make sure you have a healthy website (do a Website Audit), create engaging web content, select accurate keywords, and subsequent blogging plays an important role. And inbound marketing helps you in getting a higher position by optimizing your web content.

Do proper keyword research 

Good results will only come with proper research. After knowing your customer's persona, you have a proper understanding of who is your customer and what they actually need. Now you need to do research on what they are entering into search engines to get their query solved.

What search engine they are using, what information they need, what query they have and think how you can solve it? And give them what they need. Do keyword research carefully, keeping in mind its search volume and competition and KEI. Select your potential keywords which are relevant to your content and fulfills your objectives.

Good content is the key to your success 

The quality of your content is the most important component of your inbound marketing strategy. Your success depends upon your content quality, if you produce generic and self-serving content, your chance of success will be very negligible.

Your content should resonate with your customer's personas and should give them solutions to their query. Before writing any content, you should know your customer’s journey and carefully understand their needs so that your content can have potential to attract customers to your website and generate traffic and give you maximum leads.

Competitive benchmarking is a must 

You should understand how you are going to stand up against your competitors and should know which inbound marketing activities will help you the most. You should carefully analyze your competitor's inbound marketing strategies and get ideas on which area you’re falling short of competitors and start taking necessary steps to excel in that area.

Fortunately, there are so many tools to help you out like- PRO, Google Analytics, Website Grader, etc. which gives you an insight into your competitor's performance. You can also use HubSpot, MozRank, etc. to know your website traffic, rank, number of backlinks to your website, etc. All these tools will help you decide better which inbound marketing activities will increase your standing and will work best for you.

Build your brand 

If you want long-term success, you have to build your brand. The personal brand concept is nowadays getting adopted more by startups as today’s startup culture is dominated by personalities who can efficiently advertise themselves as a leader and their company as innovators are getting more success.

Give your business a figure, tell everyone why it is unique, keep innovating your offerings, and keep adding more value.

Have an omnichannel approach 

You can’t get success just by writing good content unless it reaches your target audience. You should have an omnichannel approach, which means looking at the experience or things through the eyes of your customer, and mobilizing their experience to every possible channel so that it is integrated, seamless, and consistent. You should know your customer, have the right data and be where your customers are.

Social media presence is a must in today’s world. Social media has turned inbound marketing into a very viral interactive experience. But you should keep in mind that social media is social. There are real people behind every likes and followers.

You should continuously connect with your customers by asking questions, answering their questions, responding to their tweets, posting blogs, and post with valuable information on a frequent basis. This will help your website in engaging your customer and will bring more traffic to your site.

These inbound marketing strategies are incredibly helpful, not because of how they work together but the benefits they give when bound systematically. All of these approaches can enhance and complement your business, increasing your total ROI. Pool your resources to get a good hold on these tactics and nothing will be able to stop you from getting success. #competitorsecretsauce

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