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My INBOUND JOURNEY - Do the Right Thing

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 11, 2018 12:40:28 PM / by Shreyansh Surana posted in Inbound 2018

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My INBOUND JOURNEY - Do the right thing!

 I participate in very few events. But, when HubSpot announced the Inbound 18 event, there was a palpable excitement within me to participate in the event. And why not? As a HubSpot Silver Partner agency, Fractional CMO has always learned amazing lessons from HubSpot and used it to grow the business for our clients.

For me, it was a natural progression to attend the event and see and hear the speakers talk live about inbound marketing.

The event began on 4th September at Boston. The energy in the atmosphere was high, and there were so many things to see at the event that I did not want to miss any of them.

Why Hubspot’s new marketing starter @$50/m is going to shake up the marketing automation world

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 25, 2018 2:36:45 PM / by Shreyansh Surana posted in HubSpot Email Marketing, Manufacturing, white hat SEO, social media marketing, SaaS Marketing

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It’s no secret - HubSpot is one of the preferred tools used by marketing and business development teams globally. HubSpot’s mission is to make inbound marketing accessible to everyone.

Marketing Activities in Start-ups – What To Outsource And What Not?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 16, 2018 8:57:45 PM / by Shreyansh Surana posted in HubSpot Email Marketing, Account Based Manufacturing, social media marketing, search engine rankings, Marketing Technology

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In the year 2008, a group of young entrepreneurs who had started an innovative startup had incurred a debt of over $20,000 and were looking out for options to pay their bills. It was the time when Obama-McCain elections were around the corner. They came up with an idea of selling a limited edition of cereals boxes called Obama O’s and Captain McCain.

Why You Need to Merge Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 6, 2018 1:47:51 AM / by Shreyansh Surana posted in HubSpot Email Marketing, social media marketing, search engine rankings, Marketing Technologist, influencer marketing trends

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Okay, so you have already set up a business? Registration? Done. Paperwork? Done. Now how are you going to market your business to acquire your customers? Flyers? Advertisements? Grapevine? Emails? Content? Or you have already implemented a strategy but it is still not yielding results? Whatever strategy you may choose, make sure it falls under the ambit of your budget.

Grow your manufacturing business with these 7 digital marketing strategies

[fa icon="calendar'] May 17, 2018 11:51:47 PM / by Shreyansh Surana posted in HubSpot Email Marketing, Manufacturing, social media marketing, SEO services, Industry 4.0, Account Based Manufacturing, Inbound Marketing

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Are you a manufacturing company and you have been told digital channels are not for you! Stop relying on your traditional marketing approach and focus more on these 7 digital strategies to drive traffic to your website, create brand awareness and generate leads.

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