Posted On November 8, 2023 By Ishitaa Jana
Craft high-performing strategies: Your cross-channel PPC audit handbook
Introduction Ever felt like you're pouring your budget into the PPC black hole without reaping the revenue rewards? You're not alone. Welcome to the wild world of digital marketing, wherein campaign...
Posted On October 20, 2023 By Ishitaa Jana
How to get your HubSpot-Stripe integration setup for a FRICTION-LESS customer journey
Posted On October 13, 2023 By Soumitra Ghosh
Partnership Marketing Roadmap: From Brainstorm to Outreach
Introduction Greetings, marketing enthusiasts and collaboration fans! Ever wondered how two separate entities can join forces, creating a synergy that boosts revenue, enhances brand visibility, and...
Posted On October 9, 2023 By Shumedha Ghosh Dastidar
Advanced tips for creating custom zaps in Zapier
Need your tech stack to seamlessly communicate with each other WITHOUT relying on coded integrations?
Posted On September 27, 2023 By Ishitaa Jana
Salesforce implementation checklist for beginners: Sales cloud edition
Posted On September 25, 2023 By Shumedha Ghosh Dastidar
Effective Lead Nurturing with Pardot: Best Practices and Strategies

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