10 Instagram marketing tips you cannot ignore


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Marketing online has gotten better with every passing day, since there are new platforms and diverse media formats to enable you to showcase your brand. To leave a lasting impact on the audience, every business is looking to create unique content and creative line online, thereby vying for the first 4 seconds attention span of the average digital audience.

Attention span in the digital worldSource: MuckRack

This as a task became easy first with the entry of visually strong social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Lately, however, the rage is with Instagram. Although Instagram entered the market much after Pinterest, its user-friendly dashboard and more informal consoles with many cool features in the mobile app, have made it a rage amongst the hip and happening, as well as the common folks of the digital world. 

So what is it like to advertise or even before that, place your content on Instagram and make sure you make a lasting impact in your target audience’s mind? 

10 Instagram marketing tips you cannot ignore.

Shareable content

The success of Instagram begins and ends with the nature of the content, its virility factor, the number of followers sharing it across, and the relatability factor of every piece of content that you post. In short, your business page must be the harbinger of content that is relatable and shareable to make it more popular and sought after by the target audience. To make your content shareable, you have to rechurn the original idea of a business page posting stuff related to its products alone. Rather, keep the content entertaining, humorous, factually correct, informative, and above all, visually appealing.

Posts with a higher emotional value get more sharesSource: Buffer

Impactful profile

Not many users pay attention to their profile. It all starts with your business logo going as a profile picture and some hurried descriptions to act as bio. But that is a wrong way to set up your business account that is solely needed for marketing a brand.

Bio and headline on the Instagram profileSource: New York Marketing Association

Here are the must-haves for a successful Instagram business account: 

Your Profile Photo:

The Instagram profile is displayed at 110x110 pixels and stores your photo at 320x320 pixels. If you have a square logo, you will need to zoom out to ensure that the logo is seen fully in the round logo display of Instagram.  

Your Bio:

150 characters, summing up your business with its relevant hashtags to optimize ranking in search results.

Your name:

30 characters, which will be included in search results.

Your username:

This is also known as your handle. Up to 30 characters, ensure avoiding gaps between the words, and this will be included in the search.

Your website:

A clickable URL, can be changed frequently as many times you need.


A business-only feature that helps you establish what you’re about, in addition to bio characters.

Contact info:

Your contact details should be accurate with as much accurate information as possible.

Call-to-action buttons:

Give Instagrammers a way to interact with you directly from your profile page.

Regular Posts

The business page that posts regularly is known to be dependable and active and is often referred to as a source of relevant information. Followers start sharing your content when they find you to be a reliable source of industry tactics, tips, creatives, and ideas. So make sure the frequency never goes down on your business page even if you are reposting the best performing posts from your older timeline. 

Entertainment wizard

Instagram is about visually appealing posts, which have a direct connection with the average online user. The good part of this exercise is that Instagram on mobile allows you to upload and create different formats of visual posts.

However, the most important part is to understand which format has been overused on your page and refrain from using it. Keep alternating between all media formats like video, gifs, statics, slideshows, albums, and more. Bring in an element of entertainment and fun to every post, be it about the business or about the market, and watch the likes and shares grow. 

Instagram media formatsSource: Sprout Social

Don’t get too serious

Whether you are projecting important statistics or building upon your business proposal for a client or piping out a success story or a case study, keep it simple. Remember, the Instagram audience is here for fun and will listen to you if you are equally fun. 

Keep infographics

For businesses that need to make a B2B impact using Instagram, infographics that are in line with your brand identity and present the statistics or news or information in a flashy, concise, and professionally eloquent manner should be used.

Instagram infographics Source: Zoho

Use all business account features

The main features under a business account that are in addition to the standard Instagram account features are Instagram Insights, Instagram Ads, Instagram Shopping, Primary and Secondary Message Inboxes, Contact Information, and Call to Action Button on your page.

Use great captions

A silent key in the checklist of Instagram Marketing Tips is using great captions. Half your battle is won when you develop great captions that have a high recall value and stand out in the crowd. One great way to reach there is to keep in touch with the trending hashtags and building a connection to what is currently a rage and how it actually fits with your content, even if it is through a humorous addition. 

Great captions on Instagram posts
Source: SproutSocial

Follow audience demographics and insights

Follow your audience profiles, their demographics, their personas, interests, and age groups, and cater to their needs in terms of information, entertainment, or inspiration. Instagram being a great platform for inspirational posts, it becomes important to make it a habit to come up with such audience relevant posts.

One feature that helps you gauge the success of your posts is the Insights section under your business account. It shows which of your posts are doing well, generating a response, which creative format is being shared across most, which ad is receiving a better response, and how the audience sections are responding to each format.

Insights section on InstagramSource: Hubspot

Engage regularly wwith your followers

Not to forget, always follow back your followers, engage with them via comments, likes, shares. Giving out gifts and launch offers personally over Instagram, and tagging is the best way to make the market turn favorable to your online presence. 


The above Instagram marketing tips are designed to help you build a great online image for your brand and keep the business at the top of its game through its Instagram avatar. Implementing these tips will help any business to rank higher in hashtag searches and build a relationship with followers via stories and featured content.

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