Top ABM Tools for 2022

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Demand Generation Report research revealed that 98% of marketers currently use or plan to use Account-Based Marketing in their lead generation strategies.

Are you one of them?

Delving further into ABM's strategic capabilities raises several concerns. First, it may act as a bottleneck for many marketers to make sense of the various ABM choices available. 

For example, are you the one asking this question:

"How do I go about identifying the best account-based marketing tools for my business?"

This article has gathered the best ABM tools that might be an excellent fit for your ABM strategy. 

The table of contents below gives a sneak-peek into different tools we'd be discussing in our brief time together today. To read a particular section of your interest, you can click on the relevant hyperlink to get to that section.

Let's start.


HubSpot's ABM software allows you to run a full-fledged ABM campaign right with its free CRM. Also, the CRM holds your existing customers and qualified leads, so you never have to worry about losing essential contact details across marketing and sales.

You can use workflow templates to define your ideal customer profiles and identify good-fit target accounts. 

Make use of the Target Accounts home feature, which gives both sales and marketing teams a bird's eye view of the progress of your lead generation strategies.

HubSpot's ABM tool also helps you personalize content and tailor your engagement with stakeholders within an account. In addition, marketing Hub helps run effective ABM campaigns on your target customers, such as adverts, site pages, and social media posts.

With HubSpot's reporting dashboards, you can get a complete understanding of what's going on at the account level. This way, you may use data to adjust and evolve your ABM strategy.

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Triblio is an account-based marketing tool specializing in scaling account targeting for pipeline growth. It's a cloud-based marketing solution that helps frame effective lead generation strategies with site personalization and advertising campaigns. AI can also be used for orchestration, account recognition, and purchasing intent by marketing and sales teams.

Users may also leverage the platform's capacity to study industry web behavior to determine the optimum time to contact an account — all from their dashboard. You may also give your leads a score based on how they act and how engaged they are.

You'll be able to target larger accounts and cater to their difficulties directly from your dashboard, thanks to the software's one-to-one account marketing setup. Triblio also provides an ABM guide — think of it as a crash course — that explains how to use the program for your company.

Account-level analytics from Triblio allows you to track the effectiveness of your ABM efforts, such as ad exposure and site visits, assets downloaded, content leads generated, and so on.

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Source: Triblio


ZoomInfo combines a broad company database with cutting-edge technologies to offer a comprehensive go-to-market plan. It provides a holistic view of your clients, prospects, and possibilities so that you can make successful lead generation strategies.

ZoomInfo helps you find the best buyers by providing up-to-date contact and corporate information. In addition, it gives you a 360-degree perspective of critical accounts to help you better comprehend their world.

WebSights is a crucial feature of this tool that aids in increasing website ROI. This tool provides data on all visitors to your websites and landing pages.

B2B marketers can use its conversation and relationship intelligence algorithm to assess conversation and buyer behavior. It also assists them in locating high-value accounts both within their CRM and from external sources.

ZoomInfo allows you to integrate various marketing and sales technologies to help you get the most out of your ABM approach. It will enable you to connect tools like HubSpot, Eloqua, Outreach, Marketo, SalesLoft, and Salesforce.

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Source: ZoomInfo


Terminus is an all-in-one ABM platform that allows you to prospect and execute multi-channel campaigns. Also, it will enable you to create account lists with the information you need to customize your strategies.

Using the Terminus Data Studio, you can combine your first- and third-party data to get a 360-degree view of all your accounts and contacts.

You can also execute precision-targeted ad campaigns across various ad channels and websites worldwide. In addition, the remarketing feature in Terminus helps you promote your business more effectively and raise click-through rates by up to ten times. 

By providing aggregated, account-level engagement data directly to Salesforce, Terminus also puts your most valuable account data in the hands of your sales team. 

It also gives comprehensive ad reporting on how your advertising operates and influences purchase groups at the account and individual levels.

Terminus Interface

Source: Terminus


Metadata can help you optimize your social and digital ad spend by allowing you to quickly generate more high-quality demand and pipeline from your target accounts. This single solution can handle everything from authenticating into different ad channels to keeping up with UI changes to dealing with puzzling processes.

With Metadata, you can quickly identify and distribute target accounts internally. It helps you prioritize leads through lead scoring, market insights, account-level insights, etc. Match company profiles to personal email addresses to reach your best-fit audience across all ad channels.

You can run successful campaign automation and experimentation on target accounts by launching paid ad campaigns. By automating campaigns in each ad channel, you can save a lot of time. 

This ABM program also reallocates your revenue based on the pipeline's driving factors. Interface

Source: Metadata

Key Takeaways

The ability to succeed in ABM marketing campaigns is dependent on having the appropriate tools for the job. So whether you're searching for a tool to identify key accounts or a way to track ABM engagement metrics, we've got you covered!

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