How to snatch leads from your competitors with targeted landing pages

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When it comes to lead generation, you may have already found your A-game in email or social media marketing. But what if you can snatch dissatisfied customers of your competitors within a few clicks? Sounds like a goldmine? It is.

Welcome to the world of competitor-focused landing pages - targeted web pages for paid campaigns that are created for and one purpose alone - to bag your competitor’s customers/leads. The premise is simple yet effective enough to create wonders - giving users compelling reasons to pick your solution over your competitors.

Best practices to create competitor- focused landing pages that convert

Newsflash. There’s no perfect template for crafting a high-conversion landing page. But there are certain practices that can help you boost your conversions to get the most out of your PPC campaign. Let’s understand them with the help of an example.

Consider the case of a user that is searching for an alternative to Hubspot. He/she uses the keyword - ‘Hubspot alterative’ - reflecting the search intent. What would be the perfect anatomy of a competitor landing page that targets this search intent? Here’s a look at the prime elements:

Contextual Copy

While a blend of your keyword research and industry knowledge can tell you why customers are looking for alternatives, the next step is to introduce these keyword phrases strategically on your landing page. For instance, if you have created a paid campaign around the keyword “competitor name+alternatives” or “competitor+review”, support it with a contextual landing page copy.

Actionable tips for developing a hard-hitting, targeted copy:

    • Make the headline and tagline punchy. Run A/B tests and look at heat maps to see the engagement levels.
    • Include statistics that compel - number of business hours saved, percentage increase in deals closed, etc.
    • Include the pricing upfront with a transparent break-up.
    • Use dynamic content to personalize your content to the customer’s location or keyword. For example, “competitor name+alternative+UK” can direct the user to a landing page with more relevant content, boosting conversions.

Comparison Grid 

A powerful sales tactic, the comparison grid should take a prime position on the landing page. Showcasing a comparison table with the competition’s features next to your solution’s features gives you instant authority. I like how ActiveCampaign uses this strategy.


Elements to add to the comparison grid:

  • Features
  • Target Verticals
  • Benefits
  • Integrations
  • User experience (UI/UX)
  • Customer support
  • Discounts/ Freebies

Strong call to action

Prospects with a given search intent that visit a relevant landing page are in a prime position to convert. Your call to action should appeal to their impulse and make it easy for them to take the next step. For digital companies, CTAs can typically be:

  • Take a webinar
  • Schedule a demo
  • Call your sales team

But that’s not all. Even the positioning of your CTA is critical. Your best bet is to place the CTA above the fold for both web and mobile visitors. It can also be repeated several times on the landing page, such as:

  • On top of the page
  • In each section
  • At the bottom of the page

Targeted messaging

When you build a landing page, you are trying to solve a niche problem for a specific audience. This becomes the perfect game plan to display how well you understand your clients and their pain points. Ontraport makes compelling use of this strategy on its landing page:


If you plan to use this, call attention to:

  • Your target segment - Startups, SMBs, Enterprises...
  • The industry segment - Retail, Hospitality, Travel...
  • Pain points -  Budgets, Lack of customer support, Unfriendly dashboards...

Page design

You may notice that many of these landing pages are quite different from their parent websites. That is because you have more freedom with them, both in terms of the “look & feel” as well as the text. It is a great opportunity to use this to your advantage by keeping things clutter-free and to the point.

How to design a competitor-focused landing page:

  • Have a single goal in mind - lead generation. Do not add any distracting elements.
  • To ensure that the maximum number of leads are captured, place the lead generation form as close to the fold as possible.
  • Instead of animations (which can be distracting), use icons and typography to add visually pleasing elements to the landing page.

Notice how HatchBuck uses these in their campaign.


Trust factor

If you have adopted a conservative approach of not mentioning your competitor so far, consider this as an ethical option. Add a client testimonial where they bring up your competitor instead of you - it’s far more effective (and suave)!

Here’s how to build trust on your landing page:

  • Showcase a client testimonial that reinforces your competitive advantage.
  • Include subtle bragging rights with independent audit ratings, media reviews, or industry awards.

Going back to HatchBuck’s case, they pretty much hit the home run in this regard.


Closing the deal

Along with the reasons to choose you over your competitors, your landing page should answer any doubts that can potentially counter the leap of faith of customers.

Consider adding these elements to the page:

  • Quick tour of your solution
  • Free trials and videos
  • Webinars and ebooks
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interestingly, ‘Migration Assistance’ can also be a powerful motivator. It reassures prospects about making the switch and also showcases your respect for their business uptime. Case in point: ActiveCampaign.

Closing the Deal - Active Campaign

Looking Forward

Competitor landing pages are lighthouses that your digital business needs, guiding potential customers into your bay. By blending with expert digital marketing tactics, these pages can potentially deliver high conversions and impressive ROIs. At Fractional CMO, we can help you plan your entire competitor-focused landing page campaign. Reach out to us here.

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