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5 Steps to Optimize your Content Creation Process in 2020

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 7, 2020 11:30:00 PM / by Nikhil

5 Steps To Optimize Your Content Creation Process In 2020

“Content” is the one and only constant in the ever changing world of marketing and advertising. The ideas changed from basic media to digital, however the need for good quality content remained the same. A quality content is the set of information as well as experience which is created to reach a broad spectrum of targeted audience.

Marketing is all about connecting with people in a language of the consumer. Content is part of the marketing process which is the thought for the thinker and language for the speaker to convey the message in the best possible way. All the content floating around on the web is not always high quality which offers facts or information. Hence you have to make sure that the content published is quality content because it gives your brand the recognition it needs. And to have that upsurge in your business can be possible through a successful content creation process. 

Why do we need a Content creation process?

Why do we need a Content creation process


Before starting any project or before putting any effort for a task one always thinks about the why. So when it comes to creating marketing content for the business you must be thinking about why you need a content creation process. Well here are some reasons as to this curious why:

  • Helps in decluttering and focusing on the important aspects of content marketing.
  • A successful content creation process helps in improving the online visibility which is a must for every business.
  • The process not only helps big brands but also small businesses to reach their targeted goal. 
  • It creates a path of success which is simple, organised and accessible. Avoids getting all confused and chaotic while working a strategy.
  • Helps in the trifecta of any solution process, i.e., Finding Problems, Analysing the problem and Providing Solution for the problem.  

Steps to optimize the content creation process in 2020

  • Consistent schedule

Consistency is always rewarded. Humans are creatures of habits where they like things in a certain way at certain times. The intensity of this nature varies from person to person. Your marketing strategy and process cannot match the preferences of every person but you can always match their timelines. Being consistent in the schedule for both content creation and publishing will keep the customers curious and waiting. 

It helps in retaining the customers as they know that you are consistent in your work and efforts. It eventually creates the trusting bond, which is a must for any business to get successful and then stay successful. Always remember achieving the goal is good but staying with the achievement is tough.

  • Advance planning

Planning ahead is the most important step for success in any field. The quote is said and shared by many successful people in several different ways. The idea is always about focusing on advance planning. Planning helps you to stay on track without delays. Be it creating strategy, researching, creating content, checking the content, finding the right media platform or publishing the content. Each step is a process all together. 

The amount of time in advance depends on your work and the process. Ideally a 3 month or 6 month advance planning is suggested to avoid the last minute rushes. There is a quote sharing the exact idea, “you snooze, you lose.” Hence plan in advance about each and every step to get better results.

  • What, how, when and where to write and post 

What, how, when and where to write and post


Content mapping – an idea of delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. Publishing a content is relatively easy in comparison to making the decision about what to publish, where to publish and when. Content mapping is a step as well as a benefit of a successful content creation process. 

While planning, most of the content creators face this challenge. Again no problem comes without a solution. Here a proper research including all the facets of the business can help in deciding the “4Ws and a H” of the challenge. The proper planning and decision of the “what, where and when” can help bring the visibility and traffic you are seeking.

  • Check & Cross Check your content

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Nobody wants to take a thoughtless risk of putting content on the table without fact checking. It may be a small part of the content creating process but it is always the important one. Putting wrong information knowingly (as not checked properly) is not only unethical but can also create numerous issues. Checking the content includes fact checking, checking plagiarism, basic grammar and in the last, the relevance of the content. 

Ignoring to check all the factors may create the situation where your page will neither be indexed or crawled by Google. And all the efforts will be in vain. Hence make sure that each content which leaves your table is thoroughly checked and approved.

  • Share and Optimize content

Share and Optimize content

Make sure you share the content on all the necessary online platforms to get better reach among the audience. In the current scenario, the internet is a giant space with multiple platforms, where sharing content is easy and helpful to remove geographical boundaries in businesses. It allows you to share your products and services from one corner of the world to another. However, remember the Internet is also the space which never loses anything.

Hence all your old content is still there at very large. Well here is a tip, do not think of it as a waste space or content, rather optimize this content to meet your current needs. No content is waste if it offers quality. 

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Storytelling for Content Creation


Just like marketing trends and strategies, the trends in content marketing also change constantly based on the demand of the market. However content always remains the golden key to the success of any business in the world. It not only allows the businesses to share information about their products and services, but also the ideology, thoughts and dreams behind the creation of their products. And in order to get the best out of good quality content is by having an optimized content creation process.

We have a team of expert and professional content curators, who strategize and create content matching to your business needs. Keeping your business solutions at the core, our team researches and analyses market trends to come up with a content creation process that helps you generate inbound traffic and leads at scale. 

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