The anatomy of a successful email nurture campaign

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It can be said without a doubt that it is very competitive out there in the business world. And if you want your organization to be successful, then you have to make sure that you are always on the top of your customers' mind. This means that even if you have amazing content, great quality products or services, you have been successful in attracting new customers towards your business, and you have generated new leads, it still might not suffice. This is where effective email nurturing campaigns come in.

The basic goal of an effective email nurture campaign is to lead potential customers down the marketing and sales funnel and turn them into paying customers. In this article, we’ll be explaining what email nurturing is, its importance, and what goes into a successful email nurture campaign. 

What is Email Nurture Campaign?

Let’s begin by trying to understand what email nurturing is. Email nurturing refers to the tasks that are undertaken by an organization to engage potential customers in the hope of turning them into loyal customers of the brand. The email nurture campaign begins when any particular visitor engages in a specific behavior (such as page visit, form fill, download eBook etc.) on your website. This helps in triggering an email that helps in nurturing the relationship with that visitor by providing relevant information.

Email nurturing campaigns also include other relevant data that can be provided to the visitor on the basis of his or her persona, demographics, and other biographical data. This approach leaves an impression on the visitor that is bound to work in favor of the organization in the long run. This type of marketing automation is very different from blindly sending promotional emails to potential customers after regular intervals of time.

Nurturing emails also help in guiding potential customers throughout the buying procedure. This allows the focus to not just be on generating potential leads but to also follow up with the leads that have been generated.

Email nurture campaigns can take some time to provide results. And the efforts of the organization during that time helps in solidifying the belief of visitors that the organization is focused on providing them with relevant and useful information.

According to Erica Adams, who is the Integrated Marketing Principal at Deluxe Corporation, a partner organization of Vertical Response Inc., buyers today are more independent in their decision-making and research. This means that they are not just looking for random information but, instead, they want organizations that position themselves as experts and provide customers with the right kind of help that they need.

The Vital Features of a Successful Email Nurture Campaign

Let's dive into key features that go into a successful email nurture campaign:

Communicate the USP of your organization

Instead of trying to fit in, the first thing that you should focus on within your email nurture campaign is to set yourself apart from your competitors. This is mainly due to the fact that there are literally thousands of options available online in terms of products and services. So, your leads and prospective clients are bound to visit multiple websites before coming to your website. Hence, to grab on to their attention you need something that is just specific to just your organization.

For example, is an organization that helps in finding emails, verifying them, and running email campaigns within minutes in just one place. They have articulated their USP in a succinct manner through the emails they send to their users.

Unique Selling Proposition through email

Give Free Incentives to Motivate your Customers

Another feature that most successful email nurture campaigns tend to have is offering free incentives. A good example that we can use to illustrate this point is Hubspot. Hubspot essentially provides inbound marketing, service, and sale software. They provide their users with some tools that can be used free of cost while they reserve some tools for their premium-paying customers.

Incentive Marketing to Attract Customers

Further, if you have an active business blog site then, you can also attach a link to that at the end of the email. This would serve the purpose of providing your potential customers with the information that they want and at the same time, you also end up generating more traffic to your blogs.

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

It is a common saying that if you snooze, you lose. We have always known that contacting potential leads at the right time is important to convert them into customers. And this is so true when it comes to email nurture campaigns. It is important to hit the inbox at the right time.

An organization that has got this feature down pat is Zoho. It is an online office suite that contains various tools like note-taking, spreadsheets, word processing, customer relationship management, web conferencing, invoicing, and project management. They also have some premium plans available for accessing their services. And if you show an interest then they are not afraid to convince you of their usefulness by providing you with good quality information which can help you in making the final decision.

Don't Sell; Educate them Instead

When you are focused on developing a nurture email campaign, then it is rather easy to get carried away. But what you need to remember throughout the process is that your focus should remain on educating your leads and not making another sale.

To understand this point in a better manner, let’s consider the example of Lumen5. Lumen5 provides a video creation platform that is powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI). This organization allows other businesses to create powerful videos for their content marketing.

Educate Instead of Sell

In the above email, it is rather clear that instead of just focusing on pushing customers to try their premium features, Lumen5 focused on educating customers by sharing additional resources that will help users to master the tool.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, there are various benefits that an organization can achieve by employing a successful email nurture campaign. Try using these features and see the best possible results for yourself. Don't forget to use these tactics for driving more conversions through email.

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