How to choose the right HubSpot experts to get it implemented right

How to choose the right HubSpot experts to get it implemented right


So, you’ve chosen HubSpot as your preferred CRM. A splendid move, we must say!

The next elephant in the room is to understand how best to implement HubSpot in your business for maximum ROI. 

At this point, you need to decide whether you want to DIY the entire implementation (incorporating key processes such as lead scoring, lead routing, enabling notifications to sales, lead segmentation, automations, etc) or let HubSpot experts do this heavy lifting for you, while you focus on strategizing how to achieve spiralling growth for your business.


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This decision depends totally on your budget, business situation, and desired path. 

DIY HubSpot implementations often have a toll on founders and marketing heads. This process is time-consuming and needs complete focus to be implemented error-free. It’s also really complicated and the learning curve is high - you may not even know what the best practices are. Considering how business founders and marketing leaders are busy, errors can creep in and you may miss key strategies that frankly, you may not have even known were critical. 

They often find themselves in a position where their data lists weren’t imported correctly (read: how to import lists into HubSpot properly) or their CRM doesn’t reflect the lead lifecycle accurately. In that case, their last resort turns out to be reaching out to HubSpot experts to fix the situation after spending a lot of time.

Who is a HubSpot partner?

HubSpot certifies certain agencies that have met specific large-scale criteria to prove that they are the gurus of each part of the software. It basically is an official signature from HubSpot that certifies that the agency is an expert to help businesses set up their HubSpot account correctly.

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If you wish to hire a HubSpot expert, then here’s a checklist that will help you choose the perfect partners and get your HubSpot implementation right.

Top tips to select the best HubSpot experts for a perfect implementation

Determine all that your business needs

Analyze the business areas you think HubSpot will upgrade and refine. Then look for HubSpot experts who can provide related services.

Choose the one which provides everything you need

Everyone needs a partner that’s a one-size-fits-all solution. When finalising a HubSpot expert, always prefer the one which offers all that your business needs. Whether it’s email integration, CRM integration, planning and scheduling tasks, creating a transparent sales management system, or conducting a HubSpot audit, your partner should be able to offer all.

Working with a partner that offers only a certain part of your need is of no use. 

Analyze their industry experience and accomplishments

Deep dive into their work experience and proven capabilities to see if the HubSpot partner fits your needs.

The best way is to look for partners who can share examples of what kind of revenue results they have achieved over the past few years. Suppose, the partner has years of experience implementing HubSpot but was unable to build up incremental revenue for their clients, then you shouldn’t be moving forward with them.

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After all, efficiency in delivering services is of utmost importance.

Check whether the HubSpot expert possesses certifications

Ensure they are qualified for the job. Just letting the partner tell you that they have expertise in HubSpot implementation isn’t enough to let you come to the final decision. Check whether they have the relevant implementation certifications under their profile.

Being certified by HubSpot ensures that the partner has all the latest knowledge needed to assist you with your account and grow your business. Also, check for the number of certifications they possess. 

Examine if they use HubSpot in an advanced way for themselves

A HubSpot partner becomes an expert that you want to hire for your business, only if they implement their own HubSpot instance as effectively and efficiently as they claim to offer other businesses. 

Look into the fact whether the partner uses similar practices for their business and what kind of ROI have they achieved for themselves. Look for their business productivity graph. If the graph shows a positive curve, then this can be your go-to HubSpot partner, else, you need to look for alternate partners.

Investigate their social media profiles and client reviews

Social media is one of the most valuable platforms to analyze if you are looking to evaluate a HubSpot expert as your potential partner.

Check out the respective agency’s social media profiles, look for their followers, what kind of content they publish, what is their engagement like, etc. Also, don’t forget to visit their G2 page which would help you know about the reviews from the businesses that have used their services.

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G2 is a platform where you’ll find profiles of various businesses, their service offerings, and their customer reviews. This would help you understand whether or not it should be the HubSpot expert you prefer to implement your instance.

Concluding Words

One of the most crucial questions that businesses have is - How do I choose the right HubSpot expert for my instance?

To answer your question, we have come up with 5 ways you can evaluate a HubSpot partner and see if they fit the bill. Ensure you spend enough time on each of these and see whether that partner would be able to audit, implement, and customize your HubSpot account as you want and as they believe can increase your ROI.

Then make your decision of hiring them for the actual implementation.

If you are looking for a HubSpot expert for your instance, we invite you to complete your due diligence on fractional CMO. Here are the links:

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