Amazon SEO in 2021: How To Boost Your Sales By Optimizing for Amazon Searches

Amazon SEO in 2021: How To Boost Your Sales By Optimizing for Amazon Searches- Blog Image

Ever since Amazon launched its marketplace in 2000, there is no looking back when we speak about the number of businesses the platform has transformed!

Ranging from pretty minuscule businesses to ventures that sprouted inside the homes, the platform has provided swiftness to the eCommerce industry, motivating anyone and everyone to run an online business. 

What’s interesting is the fact that Amazon Marketplace now brags about having 1.9 million active sellers, which is incredible, owing to the platform’s growth over these years.

Number of sellers on Amazon

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On the contrary, the selling picture is not that rosy, my friend!

There is a gigantic level of competition on Amazon too, with a great number of sellers we mentioned earlier. Thus, you need to be aware of, and employ the Amazon SEO best practices to be at the top of your game and outrank your competitors! 

SEO is a different ball game altogether, with ever-evolving algorithms. So we have come up with this Amazon SEO guide to ease out the product optimisation process for you on the platform. 

This would help you understand the Amazon search engine functionality and how can you create an effective Amazon SEO strategy to sell your products lightning fast!

Amazon SEO and its functioning

Amazon has its own Search Engine, namely the A10 Search Engine. Through that, the sellers on the marketplace are allowed to rank at the top of the search results and sell their products faster.

How can they achieve that?

By paying due attention to the SEO tips for Amazon!


Amazon SEO process

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For those of you who do not know what is Amazon SEO, let us throw some light. Similar to the SEO techniques in Google Search Engine, Amazon SEO means enhancing the overall quality of the web page, so as to make it rank higher in the search results of Amazon, thus attracting more traffic, hence more sales.

Let’s take a dip into the A10 Search Engine by Amazon!

What is Amazon’s A10 Search Engine?

Just like Google Search Engine is the brain behind Google SEO, similarly, A10 Search Engine is the brain behind SEO in Amazon.

The company developed A10 to let the customer search queries result into the most relevant products listed on the website. To be able to have your products come at the top of the search results, it is quintessential to understand the A10 algorithm thoroughly.

The A10 Search Engine focuses highly on the “revenue per click” model. Since the sole motive of the company is to maximize the revenue per customer search on the platform, it needs to make sure that each customer search is matched with the relevant products listed by sellers on the platform. Thus, you need to be that seller who is able to sell maximum products by coming up on the top of the matched results that increase the likelihood of a sale.

Cracking Amazon's A10 Algorithm

Source: techsaa

This digs up the curiosity to know how to rank higher on the Amazon platform!

Key factors to rank higher on Amazon search results

Quick sale of top-notch products

There is a key metric analyzed by Amazon - sales velocity. This depicts the speed at which a product is sold on the Amazon marketplace. The motive behind this metric is not to let the seller know their product’s performance, but more so they can be rewarded by ranking their product higher on the platform search results.

Yes, that is the Amazon way of recognizing the sellers which contribute a significant share in the revenue pool of the company!

So, if you want to apply SEO in Amazon, ensure that your product sells out faster than your competitors. 

Apart from optimizing your product page on Amazon for SEO purposes, you can also increase the sales velocity of your product by implementing advertising campaigns like Pay Per Click (PPC), ensuring to keep the genuine customer reviews beneath the product details, and scrutinizing the conversion rates. A novel way of achieving this is through referral traffic, wherein some sellers make use of their seller network and promote each other’s products. 

Including the top-performing keywords

The A10 Search Engine’s communication language is the keywords. The products listed on the platform can be noticed by the search engine only if you include the customer search keywords on your product page. A potential customer enters the keywords for whatever product they are looking for and based on that, the platform pulls out the available listed products. 

So, if you do not place the relevant keywords in your product listing, it would go unrecognized, and hence low or no sales for you!

Here is a 3-step magic potion to help you optimize your keyword usage on Amazon:

  • Understand your target audience: To begin working on the SEO aspect through keywords, firstly analyze the industry you are in and the target audience that you need to reach. Based on that, research for the right keywords to use. 
  • Product listings should incorporate your keywords: Ensure including your keywords in the product listings and avoid duplicating the same keywords. This would only lead to space wastage. 
  • Know the concept of back-end keywords: What to do if there are innumerable keywords to be used in your product listings, and you still want to place some more keywords to increase your ranking? Simply, mention those keywords in the back-end, not visible on the listing, still doing their job!

Now, a new question arises, how to optimize your product listing to rank higher and increase your revenue? Let’s take a look!

Amazon SEO master plan for optimizing your product listing

To be a master Amazon SEO strategizer, you need to pay due attention to having quality content and products on the platform, along with having relevance to what the user is searching on the platform. To hit the bull’s eye, create a product listing that can act like Amazon’s favorite, for ranking higher on the search results.


Amazon product listing example

Source: Amazon Seller Central

Now, what does an optimized product listing offer you?

It offers increased click-through rates on your listing and higher conversion rates. 

To achieve that, you need to write a compelling sales copy, capture top-notch product photographs, and run a top-performing paid ads campaign for your offerings.

Once and for all

Amazon SEO, a highly in-depth concept, needs detailed research and analysis, for you to master it and implement it for your products. Once mastered, you will be able to understand the algorithm of the platform, what works, and what doesn’t, thus, having your products rank higher on the platform. 

To do that, follow this detailed Amazon SEO guide, curated just for you!

The benefit?

Increased returns and profits for your venture!

Start growing with fractional CMO today!