What is LeadSquared? What are its features?

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Contrary to popular beliefs, marketing automation is so much more than just sending emails. According to experts, if done right, marketing automation should help in streamlining and automating the processes for measuring sales and other marketing efforts. This  means that the time is gone when marketing automation was ‘nice for a business to have.’ Instead, now it is a vital asset for any particular business that wishes to survive and make a profit in the business sector.

This is one of the major reasons why more businesses than ever are opting for marketing automation services. According to EmailMonday, 51% of companies in the world have done this already and the remaining percent aims to adopt this technology as soon as possible. There are also many benefits that marketing automation provides. Because of these reasons, we always recommend our readers to hire marketing automation services if they don’t have it already. But where should one hire this service from?

Introducing LeadSquared

As you must have guessed by now, LeadSquared is primarily a marketing automation platform that also provides sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. LeadSquared was founded in 2012 and this organization has its headquarter in India. In the starting, LeadSquared started as a marketing automation tool. But gradually, as the people working behind LeadSquared started adding more features to make the entire platform smarter and more efficient, this platform has become so much more than what it was in the starting.

According to the official sources, the primary aim of LeadSquared is to provide its users with the kind of support that increases their closure and enhances overall efficiency so that they can manage their pipelines with ease. LeadSquared provides excellent quality services and because of that, they have several popular customers who do not get tired of singing the praises of this platform. Some of those customers include Omaxe, Byjus, Happiest Minds, Zoomcar, HCL Technologies, Coldwell Banker, Bharti AXA, UTI Asset Management, Vidyanext, and NIIT to only name a few.

If an individual goes through the kind of reviews that LeadSquared has, then he or she will realize that there are some common benefits that an individual can reap if he or she decides to opt for the high-quality services that are provided by Leadsquared. And some of those benefits are mentioned below.

  • Reduce overall lead leakage
  • More intelligent and efficient lead prioritization
  • Automating various sales and marketing processes
  • Providing detailed sales and marketing analytics
  • Better integration with multiple business tools
  • Comes with its own developer platform. This allows users to build a custom business logic that works for them in the best way possible

If you are impressed by all of these benefits and wish to avail the same for your business, then you can purchase LeadSquared at $25.00 per month for one user. LeadSquared does not offer a free version of their platform but they do offer a free trial that one can get to have a better understanding of whether LeadSquared would work for their organization or not.

What are the features provided by Leadsquared?

Now, that we have answered the question of ‘what is Leadsquared’ the next order of business is to help understand the features that are provided by Leadsquared. This is especially important if you are impressed by everything that you have heard about LeadSquared till now but you wish to further develop an understanding of the kind of features that it offers before deciding whether you would want to purchase it or not to help your business.

As mentioned above, LeadSquared offers a number of features to all its paying customers. And it won’t be possible to mention all of those features. This is why we have created a list of the most important or key features that are offered by this platform. The list of features is mentioned below.

Capturing leads across all sources in an accelerated and automated manner

When you come to think about it, then you’ll realize that almost all marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools provide the services of automated lead capturing. So, what makes LeadSquared different in this regard?

The answer to this question is present in the fact that LeadSquared performs this function in an accelerated manner. It does this by offering integration with various events, offline chats, online chats, telephone, and lead capture connector across various different platforms. It further goes a step beyond and integrates with different cloud enterprise communication platforms like Ozonete, Exotel, and Ameyo.

Managing, grouping, and scoring leads

It is important in business to not just capture leads but to also score, group, and manage those leads effectively. This is exactly what this feature of LeadSquared does. By grouping and scoring all customers, businesses can customize the offers and nurturing strategies that they use to convert their potential customers into paying customers.

Organizations can also choose to manage and engage with leads through SMS automation. This is a feature that is usually not found in traditional marketing automation tools.

Creating customized email campaigns

We don’t have to tell you the importance of visually stunning and personalized email campaigns in terms of how they can help in converting your potential customers. However, what we can tell you right now is that LeadSquared can help you achieve that kind of email campaign.

To enhance the overall lead engagement in our business, LeadSquared provides its users with a range of features that allow them to drag and drop images, CTA buttons, and texts. This helps in creating a highly personalized experience for all customers.

Highly responsive landing pages

Chances are that the first impression that your organization makes on its customers will be based on the kind of landing pages that your organization has. A study conducted by Hubspot also found a positive correlation between the total number of landing pages that an organization has and its conversion rate.

LeadSquared comes equipped with a range of powerful features that will allow your organization to create extremely responsive, visually appealing, and optimized landing pages without using any codes! A user can easily choose from between a number of gorgeous templates, build the content, and publish the page all in no time.

Apart from these key features, LeadSquared also comes with other features like conversion predictor, mobile customer relationship management (CRM), and creating reports and analytics. All of these features simply translate to more profits for your business.

However, implementing and launching LeadSquared for your business can be a difficult task. Contact Fractional CMO and we’ll provide you and your organization with all the assistance that you require in launching and implementing Leadsquared!

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