7 HubSpot reports tracking the performance of paid ads

7 HubSpot reports tracking the performance of paid ads


Imagine this.

You were spending hundreds of dollars on paid ad campaigns every week.

One fine day, you realize that the leads are coming from a geography you don't market in.

Heartbreaking to realize you wasted so many dollars. Isn't it?

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To avoid such a situation here is what you can do:

Start reporting on the performance of your paid ads campaigns.

Continuous reporting helps in identifying what's working and what’s not.

We will be discussing 7 custom HubSpot reports from which you can gain powerful insights and visibility into your ad metrics, identify channel-wise performance, and much more.

Let's start.

(But, before that, first things first - Let’s see why reporting of paid ads is such a big thing!)

Importance of reports in monitoring the performance of paid ads

Reporting will add the spine to your paid ads campaign. It will give you the means, motive, and opportunity to ace your paid ad campaigns. Let's take a closer look at some of the key reasons:

  1. Helps you avoid overspending
  2. Allows you to track progress and ROI
  3. Enables you to fine-tune your ad strategy
  4. Regular reporting allows you to spot any potential issues early on
  5. Gives you peace of mind!

Monitoring paid ads may seem like a lot of work, but trust us - it's worth it.

Let’s dive into

7 awesome HubSpot reports you can create to track your performance marketing campaigns

Leads generated by source

You might be getting leads from many different sources like organic search, direct traffic, email marketing, paid ads, etc. But, how will you know which is the most effective source of leads for your business?

This report will help you compare where the lead influx is the most. In this, you can have a graphical representation of the total number of leads generated during the specified period from different sources.

Along similar lines, you can also create a report based on different paid ad mediums like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, to find out which medium is performing better and might want to plan your campaigns accordingly. We will discuss more on it more later.

Country/City where major paid leads are coming from

If you are targeting only specific geographies, this is a must-have report for you.

It gives you details of the geographical location of your paid leads based on their IP country and IP city information.

It’s an important report for personalizing your content and identifying why there is a high influx of leads from certain places and vice versa.

Sales journey of paid leads

Not all paid leads can become sales-qualified leads. Some need to stay in the nurture stage before your sales team can go and talk to them.

Thus, this report gives you a good glance at the sales journey of each of your leads based on the sales status you have in HubSpot.

It’s important in identifying how many leads are there in each stage so you can set up strategies and touch points for each stage.

Total calls made on paid leads

What’s the use of getting paid leads, till the time a significant amount of effort isn't put to convert them?

This report, helps us understand how much effort (in terms of calling) was made by any SDR to each lead.

This can be crucial in identifying how many calls have been made at each stage of your sales funnel and taking necessary actions to increase or decrease the number based on the conversion you are looking for.

Similar to this, you can create reports on the number of sales emails sent, or meetings booked. To elaborate further we have shown the sales status of these leads as well.

How many paid leads got lifecycle stage as disqualified and why?

Often, we get the wrong type of leads from paid ads. For example, we might be getting leads from a different country(where we don't market ourselves). 

These types of leads are generally disqualified by our marketing/sales teams. Thus, to have a better understanding of why a particular lead was disqualified, it is recommended to create this report.

This way you can take necessary precautions to avoid the same happening in the future.

Report based on UTM parameters

You can monitor the source of your leads using UTM Parameters. 

You can use the utm_channel report to understand which channel is driving the most traffic.

Another way to look at the traffic is to understand the different keywords from which the leads are coming in. For this, you can create a report based on utm_term wise that shows the common terms/keywords that the lead used to find you. 

Ad Spend Total and Overtime

The Total Ad Spend report gives you an overview of the total amount spent by your firm on each channel. The Overtime report breaks it down into the specific period it was spent.

With this, you can decide whether to fire your ads team or reduce their budget.

It’s important for identifying which channel you are spending the most amount on and analyze if it's generating adequate ROI for your business.


HubSpot's reporting tool helps you and your team to stay up-to-date, build out your marketing strategy, as well as to make good decisions, while you are also analyzing data. 

Also, don't forget to check out the HubSpot report library where you can find a myriad of different report templates for different use cases. 

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