3 Reasons why HubSpot Sales Software Certification is Worth a Shot

3 reasons why HubSpot sales software certification is worth a shot- Blog Image


In this competitive world, everyone wants to be on top and every organization wants to hire experienced professionals or a better understanding of the platform on which they work.

And since we’re a HubSpot Silver Partner, we use HubSpot, an all-in-one marketing tool that effectively helps us manage our marketing, sales, and services.

Let me give you a quick idea of the worth of HubSpot Academy certifications: 

HubSpot Academy provides free online courses, with professional certificates, so that you know to make the best use of the system and acquire even more knowledge by doing so. HubSpot is widely considered to be the frontrunner in inbound marketing, so it only makes sense that the courses will be valuable. 

HubSpot Academy courses are widely recognized even by many major universities. Acquiring a HubSpot Certification is a great way to learn from industry leaders while simultaneously expanding your own knowledge base.

Why HubSpot Sales Software?

In most cases, the sales team is often judged on the revenue they bring into the company. If the sales team is highly qualified and familiar with the tactics and strategies, then they can easily perform their task and become a top performer in sales. Friction is their ultimate foe.

Sales Hub eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team will love. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers. the following are the popular features of Sales Hub

Deal and Task Management

Create deals for all prospects and track their progress by setting up tasks for your sales teams. This way all the deals and their progress is visible to you which also helps you analyze the success or failure of your deals.

Email Templates and Tracking

Save time by turning your best-performing sales emails into templates that can be used by your team. You can just personalize with data from your CRM, and hit the send button. Also, you get notifications the second a lead opens an email so you can follow up at exactly the right time and close deals faster. No guesswork is required.

Document Management and Tracking

Build a library of helpful sales content for your entire team, share documents right from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, and see which content closes deals.

Call Tracking and Conversation Intelligence

Prioritize your day’s sales calls, make and record calls directly from your browser, and automatically log them in your CRM for maximum efficiency. Conversation Intelligence automatically captures details from every call so you can uncover the “why” behind team performance. Then unlock coaching opportunities with AI-powered insights.

Sales Automation

Automate your sales process with a personal touch. Set up a series of personalized emails and follow-up tasks to ensure you stay top of mind throughout the sales process.

Have questions? Share them with us in the comments section below and we’ll walk you through how it works.

Reasons WHY HubSpot Sales software certification is a must-pursue

To make learning interesting and put theory into practice

HubSpot Academy makes learning more interesting by delivering information via videos. By accessing each video module, you can use the HubSpot tool practically without facing any difficulty. Isn't it interesting? Visualizing the video is more informative than reading the content. 

You don't get the certification badge even if you pass the test. You have to complete the practical exercises to get the certification badge. The practical exercise is all about implementing the knowledge you gained through the pieces of training.

You not only have to give an online MCQ exam but also have to do practical exercises like organizing the contacts, creating a task, creating or sending a sales email template and creating a deal to get your HubSpot Sales Software certification.

Therefore, it will help you grow by understanding the concepts practically.

Building a long-lasting relationship with clients based on trust

As an agency/consultant where your credibility depends on word of mouth, certifications are the only tangible thing. Challenging as it is to satisfy customers' needs in the first run and build trust, if you have in-depth conceptual knowledge, it will be easy for you to instantly channel each phase of your client's requirement.

It helps your clients see that you have the necessary knowledge about the basic concepts because you will only get the certificate after passing the test and completing the practical exercises.

Also, doing the HubSpot certification makes you very confident in tackling new clients by providing them with adequate services. It helps you overcome the hesitation to start new projects with clients if you are HubSpot certified because you have the power to handle all the challenges and impress your clients by delivering excellent services.


One of the most crucial benefits of earning HubSpot certification is getting an online education. To become HubSpot Sales Software certified, you don't have to visit different places. You only need to browse to get the certification.

If you want to enhance your skills and excel in your future in HubSpot, you must keep educating and upgrading yourself in this field, and in this digital era, you need to work smartly and grab the opportunity.

The practical exercise and techniques discussed in this course help you quickly organize records in HubSpot CMS, identify the best contacts to increase sales, create tasks, use templates, sequences and recommendations, automate tasks,  book meetings, report sales and many more.


Here are some of the other popular and recommended HubSpot Sales Certifications you can give a shot:

  • HubSpot Sales Software Certification
  • Inbound Certification
  • Inbound Sales Certification
  • Sales Enablement Certification
  • Frictionless Sales Certification
  • Sales Management Training

So, if you also want assistance in automating tasks, scheduling emails, filtering target audience profiles, creating reports, etc. don’t miss the opportunity to learn about HubSpot sales software certification. It will help you fuel success in your sales process. Also, it doesn’t hurt to add something extra to your resume to stand out from your competitors. 

At Fractional CMO, we encourage upskilling more than anything else and all our employees are HubSpot Certified. 

Would you like to work with an agency full of HubSpot-certified professionals? You can book a time with us to chat and we can share more reasons why it’s worth a shot.

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