10 Best marketing automation tools for 2021

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We are all living in a digital age which strives to progress more and more towards automation! From unmanned space aircraft to something as simple as 'Siri', AI is the driving force of this automation revolution. All we have to do is simply monitor the task, as AI handles the routine tasks it is programmed for. Say, for instance, a routine customer support chat being handled by an AI bot!

chatbot-exampleSource: Content Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing is no exception, with the presence of advanced AI making life easy to advertise and promote. Today, there are dozens of marketing automation tools available for marketers to automate their actions or processes. 

Marketing Automation tools are used to automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media marketing, campaign management, and much more. These tasks are mundane and clerical and would consume lots of time and money if done manually, notwithstanding the risk of human errors. Thanks to automation software, these tasks can be done without much effort, making life easy for marketers to concentrate their effort on the strategy. 

Let’s talk about the top marketing tools to look out for in 2021!

Top 10 marketing automation tools for 2021

Marketing Automation helps in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and forms a basis of communication between buyers and sellers online. So, the top marketing automation tools in 2021 are: 


An all-in-one digital marketing platform, Sendinblue has automation functionalities for SMS marketing, Email marketing, CRM, Chats, etc. Sendinblue learns to send emails and messages at the right time with additional features like designing, customizing your email messages, and segregating contacts into groups.

Sendinblue marketing automation tool
Source: Sendinblue

This software can also aid in campaigns with features to design landing pages, integrate custom sign-up forms, Facebook ad targeting, transactional emails, retargeting, etc. 


Hubspot is a popular platform serving customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. Hubspot is a top draw when it comes to sales and inbound marketing. This software tool is specifically made for small and medium-sized businesses and provides tools for social media marketing, landing pages, web analytics, content management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc. 

Hubspot marketing automation tool
Source: Hubspot

Hubspot is also handy when it comes to Email marketing, with features to design Email templates and automate content for each recipient. It has integration capabilities with Netsuite and Salesforce and can also optimize websites and landing pages based on keywords. 


An automation marketing tool with easy to use interface for campaign management, Pardot is a popular tool due to its customer service and CRM. Pardot can effectively streamline marketing and sales processes with the capabilities to build dynamic campaigns and track them.

Pardot marketing automation tool

Source: Pardot

It helps to create Email campaigns with scheduling and automation facilities and is fully compatible with SugarCRM, Netsuite, and Salesforce. Pardot also helps in B2B marketing by streamlining key marketing strategies. 


Another popular marketing automation tool that can optimize small-sized and medium-sized businesses with features for Email marketing, web analytics, social media, and landing pages. Marketo automates marketing processes and engages customers on a personalized basis. 

Marketo marketing automation tool

Source: Marketo

It is a web-based Email marketing platform that can also help businesses identify customers. Marketo has a global user base of about 45,000 customers. 


Omnisend offers a gamut of automation marketing tools that enable businesses to maintain a customer relationship with Emails, SMS, Facebook messenger, push notifications, etc in one go. Omnisend also has other unique features and functionalities like smart segmentation and split automation allowing you to hyper-target customers on a personalized basis, increasing the chances of conversion. 

Omnisend marketing automation tool

Source: Omnisend

With this ability to add multi-channels in the same automation workflow, Omnisend specifically benefits eCommerce businesses by targeting customers with relevant information based on the level of engagement. Omnisend optimizes landing pages, pop-ups, and static and slide-out forms with the capability to capture vital customer information like name and contact details for hyper-targeting and retargeting customers.


A marketing project management software, with Monday.Com, marketers can plan their content, and blogs, and schedule them in the content calendar. You can create your own workflow and plan your content flow by channel, type, publish date, and priority.

Monday.com marketing automation toolSource: Monday.com

Monday.Com also lets you invite clients to view the progress of the work and can submit their feedback and share assets through request forms. Additionally, it also enables you to manage any kind of event with its simple and intuitive event management software.


With automate.io, one can easily automate business processes like marketing, sales, payments, etc. Automate.io allows you to integrate all cloud/SaaS applications and also connect with other apps using Webhooks.

automate.io marketing automation tool
Source: automate.io

It is a completely secure solution to automate workflow and protect it with data encryption, data retention, and audit logs. This helps in creating complex workflows as well. This automation marketing tool supports major apps of CRM, Marketing, Collaboration, eCommerce, helpdesk, payments, and web forms. Automate.io has advanced tools to add conditional logic, format data, and add time delays in workflows. 


A gem of a tool for automation marketing, Netsuite has the capability to automate several marketing processes, flows, and tasks. It can also create marketing campaigns and streamline them with the sales team of your business. 

Netsuite marketing automation toolSource: Oracle Netsuite

It can optimize the execution of Email, social media, and event campaigns. Its easy drag and drop feature allows you to create landing pages and visually engaging forms and templates. With Netsuite, one can also hyper-target customers with mass Email campaigns and personalized Email marketing. 

IBM Marketing Cloud

IBM Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that captures customer behavior data and creates customized campaigns. It has the capability to create Email, SMS, mobile, social media, and group messaging campaigns based on customer data, thereby optimizing marketing strategies.

IBM marketing automation toolSource: IBM marketing cloud

IBM Marketing Cloud provides 24 x 7 online support and has a global user base of 75,000+.


A recently launched automation marketing tool, Leadsquared counts Flipkart and Time Pro among its customer base. It focuses on the B2C model and provides automation solutions in sectors such as real estate, travel, health, education, financial services, etc. 

Leadsquared marketing automation toolSource: Leadsquared

Leadsquared is amongst the best lead management tools as it captures leads from Email and call and campaign sources. It sends automated sales reminders to the sales team and also helps in prioritizing tasks and offering Email templates to support all kinds of devices. 

Don’t hesitate to automate

Automation marketing tools streamline marketing and sales strategies and implement them to target the masses and manage leads. There are several such automation tools and platforms on the internet to automate various marketing processes and also with analytics to keep track of the progress. 

Automation helps marketers to make effective strategies based on the data and as per each customer segment, depending on where they stand in the sales funnel. There are many more automation marketing tools available like Buffer, Hootsuite, Eloqua, etc to manage various marketing campaigns that can help the business increase conversions, grow their customer base, and also their business. 

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