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Why Should SaaS Companies Invest in Paid Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 15, 2019 1:42:10 AM / by Shreyansh Surana

Shreyansh Surana

In our interaction with SaaS companies, we have been asked a common question - “Why should we do paid marketing?”

In this blog, we will tell you why paid marketing is important and why should SaaS companies include it in their digital marketing strategy.

How can paid marketing help SaaS companies?

#1 - Helps in early discovery

What do you do when you require information or details about a service or a product?

You will search for it online, won’t you?

Imagine, you are selling a product that’s similar or better than what your competitors sell. How do you ensure that your prospect sees your website before your competitor’s? You have to grab the attention of your prospect before your competitor does, and that’s possible through paid marketing. With paid marketing, you can feature your ad right at the top of the page. So, when your prospect looks for a solution, they see your ad first and click on it if they find it relevant. It’s far easier to grab the attention of your prospect through paid ad than wait for the traffic to come to your website through organic efforts. If your website ranks on the second or third page of Google’s search result then you can be certain of not getting enough traffic to the website.

#2 - Helps in targeting the right audience

The secret of successful marketing is to send the right message to the right people. Paid marketing helps you do that. It gives you the option to narrow your audience according to age, gender, location, interests, profession etc. It enables you to target only those who are interested in your product or service ensuring that the right kind of traffic comes to your website.

#3 - Helps in analyzing the outcome of the campaign

As a marketer, you deserve to know how your marketing campaign has fared and how your money is utilized on advertising. Paid marketing gives you a comprehensive and detailed report on how your money has been spent, how many people have clicked on your ads, how many of them visited your website, etc. This data will help you to measure the performance of the campaign and plan your campaign better the next time. You can even make edits to the existing campaign based on the insights you gather.

#4 - Helps in finding the right keywords

You might have a broad idea about the keywords that will improve your website’s ranking and attract the audience to your website. With paid advertising, you can zero in on the exact keywords that will attract traffic to your website. The keyword combinations used in the campaign will give you insights on the ones that work and don’t work. You can use that data to add relevant keywords on your website.

#5 - Helps to control your campaign

Worried about losing money on a failed PPC campaign? The good news is you have full control over the campaign. You can scale up the campaign by adding money into advertising or pause it and edit it if it is not generating the expected results. You are not bound by any contract.

#6 - Helps you to achieve your marketing goals

Your marketing goal can be anything - generate leads, create awareness, or attract a prospect to your website, you can set a goal in your campaign according to your needs. With paid advertising, you can set goals for every stage of the funnel, right from the awareness stage to conversion and even re-marketing to the ones who visited your website and left without engaging with you.

Different types of paid marketing that you can leverage upon to achieve your goals

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular form of paid marketing. With most people using Google to search for information, Google sponsored ads gives more visibility to your brand. The best part is you can leverage the millions of third-party websites recognized by Google to advertise your products and services in any format. The only challenge with Google AdWords is it’s an extremely competitive platform, so the advertising costs could go up too.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can work wonders if done in the right way. There are multiple things that you can do with Facebook advertising. You can use options such as geo-targeting, customized lead generation ads, and re-marketing ads depending upon the marketing goals you set, segment your audience depending upon who you want to target, and use various ad formats such as text, images, carousel ads, and videos to advertise your products and services.

Google Display Ads

You must have seen banner ads with colorful graphics and CTAs on some of the websites that you visit. These are Google display ads that entice the person to visit your websites. Google displays advertisements on select websites in their network. The best part about Google display ads is you can set it up and manage it through your Google AdWords interface.



SaaS products have a long sales cycle. It’s unlikely that the prospects will subscribe to your service or buy your product on the first visit to the website. Re-marketing will help you to attract those visitors back to your website. Re-marketing tracks the users who visited your website and show them your ads on other websites they visit to remind them of your existence. It’s your second chance to win over the prospect.

Case Study

Not convinced about the effectiveness of paid marketing?

Check out our case study on how Turnitin benefited from paid marketing. We helped them to generate 1800+ Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in 4 months and more than 600 opportunities in Salesforce by using a combination of Google ads, Facebook ads, and re-marketing ads to attract traffic to their website.

Turnitin witnesses 250 increase in leads (2)

From our experience, we can tell you that paid marketing is an efficient and quicker method to attract visitors to your website and generate leads. Of course, you should not rely on paid marketing alone. They are beneficial for scaling your business quickly. Continue your SEO and content marketing efforts in parallel as they will pay you off in the long-term with organic results.

Word of caution:

Paid advertising might seem expensive in the beginning. There’s also a risk of losing money. However, with constant testing and multi-pronged marketing efforts, you will be able to generate quality leads for your business. If you are a scaling up your business or if your product lies in a highly competitive space, paid marketing will help you get started with the lead generation process.

Shreyansh Surana

Written by Shreyansh Surana

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