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Who is a Marketing Technologist

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Shreyansh Surana


Traditional marketing was all about fighting for the space to spread the word out about your brand. The marketing experts in the earlier days were more inclined towards having a strategy on being more creative in branding and generating more leads.

The rise of internet penetration in everyone’s life changed the way marketing functions and also created a new skill set altogether: the Marketing Technologist. To put in simple words, Marketing Technologist is a merger of Marketer and a Techie to achieve the goals of marketing. 

It’s not only about being creative but also being able to convert the data into actionable insights for the next steps of marketing. Technology has brought disruption in the marketing industry. According to a report by Chiefmartech.com

"There are more than 3500 technology driven products out there in the market trying to help the businesses achieve their marketing goals. This is a growth of more than 2300% in just last 5 years." -Scott Brinker, CEO - Chiefmartec.com

A Survey from Gartner says

"The spending of CMO on technology will be more than CIO."

This is a big indicator of the level of disruption technology has brought into the world of marketing. Technology has eliminated the 'Shot in the Dark' approach of traditional marketing.


What should a Marketing Technologist Do?

A Marketing Technologist must have a holistic approach in picking up the right tools and software products to attract, convert, delight and retain the customers. The KPI for a marketing technologist are


Able to tie every dollar spent back to the marketing campaigns: 

It’s all about getting the decision-making insights from the raw data. This is the key success factor of Digital Marketing. Technology driven marketing helps you tie every dollar spent back to the campaigns so that you can make the decisions based on the insights from the real time data.


Reduce the Cost of Acquisition:

The cost of Acquisition is one of the major component impacting your bottom line. A Marketing Technologist should pick and implement the right tools like marketing automation etc in the Marketing and Sales functions to reduce the cost of acquisition.


Challenges of Marketing Technologist:

The Digital Marketing world is changing so fast that it becomes very challenging to keep up with its pace. The major challenges faced by a marketing technologist are


New & better technology products come every day:

It is not only that a marketing technologist has to understand the current customer behaviour but also keep scouting and experimenting with a plethora of new products coming out into the market every year.Experimenting and Implementing the right solutions to achieve the marketing goals is very challenging but critical.


Individuals Products to have the proper Handshaking to get the right insights:

Implementing individual products is not a very challenging task but making sure that the multiple products talk to each other seamlessly to help in achieving the bigger goals of marketing. Products working in silos will lead to more chaos than providing the right support in generating proper insights.

Hiring a Marketing Technologist:

Every job role out there has a defined degree associated to it as a starting point of selection but there is none like that for a Marketing Technologist.  We are confident that there will be soon a right education degree around Marketing Technologies.

In the current scenario, It’s like a person who has an IT and Marketing degree both into his/her kitty. Following are a few important pointers to be considered while hiring a Marketing Technologist.

  • Hands on experience on the technology and related products.
  • Understanding of the marketing function in detail.
  • Enthusiasm to always look out and spot the future trends of marketing.
  • Be more agile i.e. Ability to manage multiple stakeholders, project and deadlines.
  • Open to suggestions and criticism because digital marketing is all about trying - analyse - modify till you get it right for your business.

Marketing technologist is a newly coined title but it’s already a critical one for all organisations. Enterprises need to keep pace with customer demands, reach the right audiences across a variety of channels and develop an impactful lead nurturing workflow to effectively manage the leads through today’s complex, multi-touch-point buying cycle, the marketing technologist is the key role for bridging IT with modern marketing demands.

Fractional CMO, is a niche Marketing Technology firm, determined to partner in not only growing your business but also reducing your cost of acquiring a customer.


Shreyansh Surana

Written by Shreyansh Surana

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