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What is Marketing Operations? 4 Ways It Can Help Grow Your Business

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 24, 2021 3:15:00 AM / by Ishneet Kaur

Ishneet Kaur

What is marketing operations and how can it help grow your business?

What is marketing operations?

Marketing operations is the rock-solid skeleton, binding all the marketing processes together. Right from creating the marketing strategy to the implementation, and till the evaluation of the outcomes. And the marketing operations guys really have a critical role to play here! 

The video below depicts what a typical marketing operation guy actually does!


Source: Youtube


Imagine your rockstar team put in their hard yards to create a foolproof marketing strategy, created some awesome content copies and videos. But failed to effectively track the efforts and measure the outcomes. 

Boom! All the effort ruined!

At this point in time, marketing operations find its importance. It is this framework that aids a business in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, with dedicated processes in the backend, which helps them make data-driven decisions for growth and enhancement. 

In a nutshell, it makes your marketing effort pretty uncomplicated and fruitful. Of course, there are some essentials to succeed in marketing operations, which need to be taken care of. 

And, using novel technology which fits the processes of a business is a crucial element of marketing operations.  

Now, you might be stuck with what we mentioned above, wondering how does marketing operations help grow your business? 

Let’s unravel that!


Understanding how marketing operations help grow your business

#1: By orienting your business around the customer experience

A successful business needs to revolve around the customer experience and journey. All the processes, objectives, metrics, and even the team involved, should be working in accordance with the buyer journey.


The Customer Edge Customer Centricity Model

Source: The Customer Edge


Marketing operations help orient your business around the buyer’s journey and experience. If a business has planned to do so, it would need marketing operations at the helm to ensure performing customer-centric marketing

Though it is a long way to go once you have decided to re-orient your business this way but is amazingly advantageous for growth.

This begins with scrutinizing your existing customer journey. Make use of marketing operations for all the data-backed insights it offers related to the existing state of the customer journey, which areas of the customer experience failed, what aspect needs improvement, and what is working perfectly. 

Do you see the immense power of analytics, technology, and data with which marketing operations can help turn the tables for your business? 

The next steps involve the utilization of marketing operations to improve the business processes. Ranging from the implementation of new processes keeping the customer journey as the key element, which includes automating certain routine activities, creating a multichannel approach for the customer experience, devising personalized outreach activities, and more. 

What’s more? Marketing operations also help the customer service and the sales team take a sneak peek into the marketing activities which have a direct impact on their role responsibilities. 

If you are confused about whether to have a marketing operations team inhouse or outsource it to an external party, read this blog.


#2: By enhancing the efficacy of the marketing efforts

To beat around the bush is quite easy when talking about the marketing results. Devising marketing strategies on the basis of your instincts may give results, but not always! You need to have marketing campaigns that are built upon data and insights, depicting that there is a certain logic in doing what you are planning to do. This ensures the success of your marketing.

Marketing operations have the capability to work around the data and advanced metrics, which can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and strategies, and pave the future roadmap for your business. 

If the marketing teams are sure about the results of the efforts they have put in, they feel positive about implementing more such successful strategies and hence drive growth for the business.


#3: By creating scalable processes that are predictable too

Though there is an ever evolving role of marketing operations, when business growth is at the center of the discussion, including marketing operations is crucial! It doesn’t only help in optimizing the business processes, but also gives an impetus to the marketing creativity, along with the intended outcomes.

In a nutshell, it helps define the procedures for creating stellar marketing strategies, their implementation, measurement, and the way forward in terms of the improvements needed. Marketing operations consist of advanced technology and analytics which help build scalable and predictable processes, keeping the future in mind.

Similar to what Parley Pro cloud-based platform did! Read the case study below.

How Parley Pro Used Fractional CMO's Expertise to Build a Strong Inbound Lead Pipeline!


If the marketing team was supposed to work single-handedly, devising strategies and measuring them, the end result would not be rosy, in terms of the marketing outcome. It would be all haphazard, based on the gut feeling, with no clear-cut data-backed insights. In short, it will be all guesswork, which doesn’t always deliver results!

And without a proper marketing aim or objective in mind, there is no point in doing what you do, because you will end up being all confused. Hence, impeding the growth of your business!


#4: By providing measurable results

Step 1 is to recognize what growth stands for, as far as your business is concerned. 

Is growth synonymous with an increased market share? Or an improved brand recognition? Or is it synonymous with an increase in revenue?

Once you have defined what growth means for your business, take a deep dive into the processes that you are employing to measure it. Understand What is marketing operations doing for your business? Is it offering you measurable results? 

A well-equipped marketing operations management team would assist you in devising the Key Performance Indicators for your marketing efforts, and the ways of measuring them. Combine it with advanced technology and analytics, and you will be able to judge your ROI and hence drive more growth. 


Organizations with aligned sales and marketing operations achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster growth

Source: The Manifest

Measurement of the performance indicators such as the conversion rate, leads, interested buyers, customer acquisition cost, engagement rate, etc, and identification of the platforms on which the marketing activities are going on, is carried out by marketing operations. It takes cues from past successes or failures and incorporates them in devising effective future strategies for the growth of your business.


Way Forward

Who does not want spiraling business growth!

Usually, the focus is on basic business activities, like designing the product/service, understanding the target market, and reaching out to the target audience through all the creative marketing ways! The key thing which is often missed out is defining an in-depth and seamlessly flowing process behind, and the measurement of the ultimate outcome of the marketing efforts.

If you are asking what is marketing operations? This is what it is! A holistic approach to implementing your marketing strategies, so that it comes back to you bearing the fruit that you wished it to. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Build a team of experts for performing results-driven marketing operations for your business with Fractional CMO. Our team of talented marketing operations specialists can help you with end-to-end marketing operations! 

We have an exclusive partnership with CRM and marketing automation providers such as HubSpot and Salesforce, and can help strategize, create, and execute successful marketing campaigns of any scale. Of course, execution speed is our utmost priority, we take care of everything while you are focusing on the next campaign!

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