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Top 5 trends to boost your B2B Lead Generation process in 2018

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 28, 2018 10:37:26 PM / by Jyotsana Yadav

Jyotsana Yadav


As we have already stepped in 2018, it's high time to re-evaluate your lead generation strategies, which is better to keep and which should be drop off.

The big secret to getting maximum leads in 2018 is knowing what's the right time to adopt new trends and when to optimize maximum those strategies.

Due to ever-evolving technology, B2B lead generation strategies change every year.

For a B2B marketer, getting more leads are utmost important than anything. In this challenging and competitive B2B market, it's tough to get valuable leads. So, how to get success? Keeping your eyes peeled for 2018 lead generation trends is very important.

Before jumping to those latest trends, let's first fix your leaky bucket.

Most of the B2B marketers spend their time in pouring more traffic into their leaky bucket (Funnel), rather than fixing it. This habit leads to rising in acquisition cost and below average results.

Marketers don't pay much attention to their primary traffic driving tool - landing pages and forms. Forms are the one which separates your leads from non-leads and make them convert into your real customer.

You should focus on optimizing your forms to attract most leads to your site, making sure that no potential leads are left behind.

Also, check these SEO ranking factors to get the maximum benefit.


Let’s start with our latest B2B lead generation trends of 2018


Send more Personalized Emails

B2C retailers have already implemented personalization in their work. You might have received personalized offers or recommendations from your favorite websites based on your shopping history. And it's possible that you might have liked their suggestions and made purchasing. 

From a study, it's shown that companies using personalization in digital commerce will get a hike of 15% in their revenue by 2018. And in B2B industry, most of the leads are generated through emails, through personalization there will be an enormous increase in leads.

Customers appreciate personalized emails. It makes them feel that company do care about their individual needs and is ready to help them.

Therefore, companies are required to focus more on personalization and send relevant emails to their prospective customers. It also helps you in nurturing your generated leads and convert them into customers.

To get the maximum benefit of your personalized emails, implement marketing automation tools and get great results.


Personalized your content

We have already discussed how important is personalization to B2B industry and lead generation.

Your website should speak about the needs and solutions of your customers, and content is what speaks directly to them.

Personalization shouldn't be just limited to your email marketing. You should personalize your content and deliver more valuable content to each of your customers and try to fulfill their individual needs. Personalized content not only enhance your user experience but also convert more leads to customers.

You can personalize your offers, landing page, recommendations, etc. and create personalized experiences for your visitor's  stage of purchase, behavior, industry, job role, location, etc.

Just know your audience, their problems and start personalizing your content accordingly.


Focus on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken the marketing industry by storm. Influencers are not confined only to promoting consumer goods. Today they are playing an essential role in the B2B industry as well. Influencers not only help in lead generation but also in the lead nurturing and converting leads into customers.

According to a study, Influencers or expert opinion is most effective content for B2B buyers.

Customers believe more in living people and their advice than listening to any faceless corporation. However, only 15% of B2B companies are using Influencers to promote their business.

If you start using Influencer marketing campaigns now, it will play to your advantage, because B2B influencer marketing is only going to get bigger.


Are you wondering - Why influencer marketing is so important for the B2B industry?

The answer is; Influencers are the people who operate with the currency called "TRUST." They have the trust of people, and people believe in their advice and statements, which leads to brand engagement.

This trust of people in influencers is the gold mine for B2B companies. They use influencer's channel to connect with their huge fan following and promote their brands. The impact these influencers can bring to your lead generation is much more effective than any other marketing campaign.


Is B2C and B2B influencers are same?

The answer is - “NO.”

Influencers of B2C are social media stars and niche bloggers, but B2B influencers are successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.


Pay attention to AMP/Mobile Marketing

Today, most of the users access Google or any search engines via mobile phone.  Organic search is one of the most valuable strategies for lead generation.

You should pay attention not only to your web page responsiveness but also to the mobile-friendliness of your content. Optimize your mobile marketing campaign for generating leads.

Choose proper font size and color, write a short paragraph. Make sure that your content has needed whitespace and is easy to read on mobile phones.

Most of your user's open emails on their mobile phones. Make sure that your emails are accessible on mobile phones because emails are the primary lead generation tool for B2B industry.

Learn more about AMP and mobile friendliness web pages and implement in your business to make it more mobile-friendly.


Live streaming and videos

Video has become a crucial part of B2B lead generation as B2B customers are taking information more from this type of content. More than 70% of buyers in B2B sector watch videos to get ideas throughout their buyer's journey.

This data shows that how including video content can boost up your B2B lead generation campaign.

Create the video which educates and engage your target audience and makes their purchase decision easy. Also, to get maximum leads, you should choose the proper channel for its distribution.

As mentioned previously, keep it mobile friendly and select channels like social media, where more than 50% of buyers do their research and gather information before making any purchase decision.

You might have also seen live streaming of videos on social media, which is trending now. Companies are using this method to engage their potential customers.

This trend is also now becoming popular in the B2B industry. Companies are streaming live webinars and webcast to demonstrate their products or services and engaging customers more with their sites and hence, generating more leads.

You can also do a live streaming video by planning Q&A sessions, webinars, interviews, demonstration of your product or service, etc.knowing what your customer is looking.

I hope this blog has helped you in getting some insight on trending B2B lead generation process of this year. And also, you might have got the idea of which areas are best for you to focus.


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