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Top 3 content marketing trends to follow in 2020

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 8, 2020 2:50:00 AM / by Shreyansh Surana

Shreyansh Surana

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends in 2020

As the content marketing sphere continues to evolve rapidly; it makes sense to take a look at past trends to identify future trends and patterns that can help guide your strategy.

And also not to forget that we live on the edge of that evolution, the key to success is keeping up with the current trends.

The content marketing field is maturing, and marketers need to make sure that their strategies and content campaigns are in sync with the latest trends. What trend is in today may go outdated next year, as trends keep emerging every year.

Above all, one thing you should keep in mind is that good content is good content. Your content should resonate with your targeted customers to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

So, let's dive in to explore which content marketing trend is going to dominate this realm.


Let's start:

1.Quality, Originality, and Personalization 

When you think of creating content, what pops up in your mind? Writing a blog, creating a white paper or a viral video related to your brand offerings?

This year, content marketing is about creating interesting and attractive content people wants to engage with.  You have to stop talking about your products and services and start creating meaningful content people want to watch, read or listen.

Google has updated its ranking factors to give more relevant results to its users. Now you can't just simply stuff your content with keywords. This is not going to help you anymore now.

You can read this post to know more about top ranking factors in 1018.

Follow what big brands are doing in the content marketing field.

Apple is spending $1 billion on original content. PepsiCo has opened a new content creation studio in NYC.

Google is purchasing original content from various media companies and brands to fill their content gaps.

Facebook is also investing a lot of capital in getting original video.


Why are they doing this?

They are focusing on original and quality content.

Forget about sponsored posts, traditional ads and branded emails as they are no longer effective today as they were once before.

If you are not creating interesting and useful content in 2020, you are going to fall flat.

Take out some spare time from your busy schedule and focus on creating quality content, not quantity content. Spend your time creating more targeted and engaging content which is easier to digest and pleasing to your audience.

Also, Hyper-Personalization of content is next most important trend you need to pay attention.

Providing exact material what your customer is looking for is rising in content marketing sphere. Marketers are focusing more on creating content which covers the whole topic in-depth and gives all the relevant information in one place.


2. Influencer Marketing will explode

Using influencers to promote content is the topmost content marketing trend this year.

Various cosmetics and luxury brands have been using influencers to promote their brands for many years, but now every brand is looking for using influencers who have significant followers on various social media platforms.

The main reason for using influencers is that now marketers are focusing on delivering their message with a medium which is more reliable and authentic than any other advertising media.

By seeing the popularity of influencer marketing, we can say that paid advertisements are becoming less effective.

According to Inc, influencer marketing has higher ROI of about 11x in comparison to other advertising media.

We don't know whether Influencer marketing will be effective over the longer period, but we are more certain that in 2020 many brands will do the partnership with influencers to distribute their content on social media.


3. Visuals and Videos will be non-negotiable

Videos and visuals are here to stay, and you won't be able to survive in the market without it. These are going to be most favorite content marketing trend for many marketers.

According to a survey, 91% of B2B buyers prefer to get information through interactive visuals and video content.

Facebook and many other ad channels are showing interest on paid and organic placements due to higher engagement rates with visual and video content.


Why are videos and visuals gaining popularity?

Because videos get 135% more organic traffic than link posts, images, and status on any social media platforms. Users are spending 3x more time in watching videos than reading any regular content.

According to HubSpot, the video is growing with great speed. More than 48% of marketers are planning to add YouTube and Facebook video to their content marketing plan.

So, if you haven't started giving priorities to videos in your content marketing strategy, now is the time. Add videos and visuals to your content and make it more attractive and meaningful to your audience.



Content marketing is not going anywhere. As a marketer, you can't afford to risk yourself by ignoring the effectiveness of content marketing. It is the right time when you should start investing in content marketing.

Stop asking - How your content marketing can drive more sales? Start asking yourself - What your content can provide to your target audience?

Grab this opportunity and follow these trends and watch your sales soar high like never before.


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Shreyansh Surana

Written by Shreyansh Surana

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