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Must-Have Skills for B2B Marketing Success

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 29, 2020 6:31:13 AM / by Shreyansh Surana

Shreyansh Surana

While talking to a lot of prospective customers every day, the question we face, what are the must-have skills for B2B marketing success? So we thought why not write in detail about it. So let’s look at the key skills required for a successful B2B marketing team.

1. The Google Guy

Don’t you want your website to be loved by Google and shown up in top results every time people search? If Yes, then this skill set is super critical.

Google has changed the way people enquire or research about a particular product or service. In just one decade, search engines have made all the businesses of the world to have their presence online.

As I am writing, there are more than More than 1,172,969,033 websites are present on the web and is just multiplying every second.

Your website is one of 1 billion-plus websites on the internet. Your website should be available to the users when they are searching for something which is of interest to your business.

Key activities of Google Guy

The Google Guy should do everything it takes to make sure that the website is loved by search engines and is available when the prospective customers are searching for the required information. Some of the key activities are

On Page SEO

This is to make sure that the website has the required information in terms of Meta Keywords, Descriptions etc on the web page which Google looks for in search engines.

Off Page SEO

The search engines rank you higher if other websites are talking about you. So the more the websites talk about you, the search engines are happy to rank you higher.

Technical SEO 

To make the end users experience awesome on the internet, the search engines penalize the websites which do not load faster or don’t look good on a desktop or mobile phones etc. So it’s important that the website looks awesome across all devices.

2. The Storyteller

 The search geek has done an excellent job by getting people onto your website, but then it is equally or even more important to make the prospective customer stay on the website.

Traditional marketing world fights for space but the Inbound world fights for attention


Key activities of Storyteller

Website content

This is the first impression of the prospective customer. So make sure that the content is driving the point home without any fuss. You get only 3 Seconds of attention span from prospective customers


This is a way to share the information to the prospective customers. Blogs should be written with an aim to help the people instead of just pitching your product or service.

Premium Content

This is more research and analysis driven activity. Premium content is all about writing white papers, case studies, infographics etc wherein you will have to do proper research before publishing to the world. This is to make the prospective customers know that you are the thought leader in the industry.

3. Social Amplifier

On an average, a person spends 5 – 7 Hours on social media. So social media is a platform which no one in the business world should ignore. There are a lot of social channels available. You should be targeting the channels where your customers are hanging out.

Key activities of Social Amplifier


There is a lot of content gets generated in your organization in the form of blogs, white papers, case studies, infographics etc. Make a point that you share it on all of your preferred channels of communication.


Based on your buyer persona, you can search for the prospective customers on the social channels and start following them. This will give you a good idea on their interests and also a better understanding of what’s happening in their company.  


There are a lot of queries get posted and many discussions happen over the social channels. They are mostly done for reaching out for help or sharing some interesting findings. It’s good to be part of the conversations where your company can add value to the whole discussion.


It’s not important that always you share the content which is written by your company. You can also find and share the content which resembles your company’s thought process and you feel that it can be helpful for your prospective customers. This way you are not only building a good relationship with the experts in your domain but also help your target audience with the important information.

4. Designer Dude

A good design helps you generate that extra seconds of attention from your prospective customers which are very critical to gain the interest in the crowded internet world. In the digital marketing world, a good design raises visibility and drives conversations.

Key activities of Designer Dude

Website Design

A website is the first impression for your prospective customers. In just a few seconds it’s important that the customers understand what you are all about. Make sure you don’t get carried away with funky designs and user interfaces.

A website should be good in navigation and so intuitive that even your grandmother can understand it.

Blog Featured images

Featured images are the ones which are on the top of the blogs. The image and the title are the deciding factors on whether to read the blog or move on. Make sure the image provides a good preview of the content written on the blog.


It’s a visual representation of data, chart or diagram. It is a way to simplify a complex subject or even a boring subject. It takes a lot of effort to build an infographic but it’s worth.

5. MarTech Nerd

In today’s world of B2B marketing, It’s not only about being creative but also being able to convert the data into actionable insights for the next steps of marketing

Marketing Technologist or MarTech is a merger of marketer and a techie to achieve the goals of marketing.

Key activities of MarTech Nerd

Able to tie every dollar spent back to the marketing campaigns

It’s all about getting the decision-making insights from the raw data. This is the key success factor of Digital Marketing.Technology-driven marketing helps you tie every dollar spent back to the campaigns so that you can make the decisions based on the insights from the real-time data.

Reduce the Cost of Acquisition

The cost of Acquisition is one of the major component impacting your bottom line. A Marketing Technologist should pick and implement the right tools like marketing automation etc in the Marketing and Sales functions to reduce the cost of acquisition.


Ooh, you might be thinking what about the Project Manager and Director roles? They are common for all business entities so we didn’t mention them explicitly here  🙂

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Shreyansh Surana

Written by Shreyansh Surana

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