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Fractional CMO is a 5-Star PPC Agency on Clutch

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Shreyansh Surana

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At Fractional CMO, we understand the powerful benefits of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising — especially when it’s combined with a fuller marketing strategy. 

That’s why we offer full-stack marketing services to our clients, who consist of small and mid-sized businesses operating in a wide range of industries. We can take your company every step of the way to success with a holistic plan.

But don’t take our word for it: listen to our clients!

We’ve partnered with Clutch, a third-party reviews platform. This agency uses objective client feedback and data-driven research to rank service providers identified as market leaders in their industry. Agencies like ours also get recognized for our dedication to success on The Manifest, a B2B buyers’ resource that combines research and shortlists.

One of our satisfied clients is Growth Robotics, a SaaS platform for lead generation and SEO. They needed help with growing at low cost within a crowded market. Once we came up with a plan together, we met every week to go over what our strategies have accomplished and how we’d achieve next week’s goals. 

Growth Robotics Review

Thanks to our efforts, our client achieved their ultimate goal: a 12% increase in conversions from web traffic to qualified leads, and a 30% increase in email open rates. What earned us perfect scores across the board? “Their amazing knowledge of growth hacking, technical skills, and marketing automation setup on different products,” says Rahul Mehta, Growth Robotics’s CEO and Founder. “I would say they are experts in many areas.”

Another satisfied client of ours is the academic software company Turnitin. They needed consultations on their marketing strategies and execution. We offered our insights as well as optimized their website and choice technologies for marketing.

Turnitin Review

The results? A partnership marked by valuable advice that led to effective execution. We introduced Turnitin to new technologies like heat mapping and analytics to better measure their impact. Combined with our knack for tracking progress and staying in touch regularly? The project proved to be a success for all parties, especially our client.

Want to learn more about our successful projects? Check out Visual Objects, where service providers like us share digital portfolios of our best work.

Ready to get started with your next marketing push? Contact us today!


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Shreyansh Surana

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