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3 Questions Every CMO Should Answer

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 6, 2020 5:45:00 AM / by Srikanth Vadrevu

Srikanth Vadrevu

If you are a CMO or someone who is at the helm of Marketing Operations, there might be many questions keeping you up at night. 

Whether it is the challenge of reducing the turnaround time for campaign execution or improving the alignment of sales and marketing teams; modern marketing leaders have a lot of challenges to solve.

We bring to you the top three questions every marketing leader should know:

1. Marketing Accountability and Effectiveness

Gone are the days when marketing function was considered as an ‘enabler’ for an organization. The contribution of marketing to organization growth and success is more relevant than ever. A Gartner survey on CMO Spend highlights that it’s time for CMO and marketing leaders to show that marketing can deal with financial constraints and assume accountability for business performance. Another report from CMO Council states that 35% of CEOs expect CMOs to contribute to top-line growth.

This essentially means that marketing as a function has transitioned from ‘revenue enabler’ to ‘revenue driver’. This is a strategic shift which demands marketing teams to be more agile.

2. Customer Centricity:

Today’s customers are more empowered and informed leading to rapid changes in buying behaviours. Whether it is B2B or B2C, the decision-making process that goes into buying a product or service has become extremely dynamic.

Although every organization claims that the customers are the core of their strategy, they are failing to capture the customer intent and calibrate the marketing messaging accordingly. 

3. MarTech Adoption:

With the advent of AI, marketing is at the cusp of its change. Both data and technology have become strategic drivers in revolutionizing the marketing landscape. A robust MarTech stack that caters to digital demands of both the organization and customer is no longer a good to have but a key imperative. 

Assessing and buying new tech, driving its adoption within the company, integration with existing tools and measuring the overall impact - all of these are core challenges that a CMO and marketing leaders need to tackle.

If you are losing sleep over these questions, we recommend you to read the six essentials to succeed in marketing operations.  I am sure it will help you actualize your marketing investments and enhance marketing effectiveness. 

Fractional CMO has enabled several CMO and marketing leaders hailing from SaaS, Real Estate and Manufacturing industries to achieve their true north.  In case you want to accelerate your marketing success, we are just a click away.

Srikanth Vadrevu

Written by Srikanth Vadrevu

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