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10 Tools Every CMO Should Be Using

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 20, 2020 8:04:20 AM / by Nikhil

10 Tools Every CMO Should Be Using

Do you know the expression unity is strength? In marketing, this expression is all the more accurate. Many companies have a super nice site with the latest technology. Still, they forget an essential aspect: the vital link between their website and the rest of their marketing tools. We agree that there is now a multitude of tools available for each aspect of marketing. But how can we integrate these new tools into your team's workflow? By choosing the tools that are useful in different marketing specializations. 

The Use of Digital Marketing Tools

Even a few years back, marketers could do their work with a PC and table and a couple of proper ideas. But time has changed with the advent of the digital era. New software and tools have started entering into the business processes making the whole system much different now. For the CMOs, the trends of using the tools have started in the year 2017. 

The Benefits of the Digital Marketing Tools

The relationship established between the company and the customer ensured by the tools represents a fundamental added value in the marketing chain, which means listening, interacting and, considering the digital age in which we live, sharing. The interaction can be of different types: direct or indirect, and for the company to create added value, it should consider both.

But with so many marketing tools to choose from, finding the right ones can be a real hassle. These tools have been invited with open arms since their first appearance. They have automated the functions and made life more comfortable. The purpose of these tools is to make marketing function work easier. So here is the list of 10 best CMO tools that you can use for ensuring all kinds of supports in digital marketing:

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Digital Asset Management System                                                   Source: CodeProject                                   

Digital asset management is an integral part of CMO responsibilities, especially when it comes to modern times. Be it the storing of graphics, photos, as well as the visual assets or the other documents, DAM makes the perfect storage of all with the proper synchronization. You can surely trust this system, especially when you are about to share your documents with your colleagues.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

For having a closer view of the customers and their knacks on specific products or services, use of Google Analytics is important. It has the perfect idea of what the CMO needs for searching the best base market and customers giving a holistic perspective of data-driven marketing.



The use of standout visuals is the first option when it comes to the right marketing. Every CMO is well aware of this. This is where Canva steps in with its best service in the making of the user-friendly designs. Be it the social media cover photographs or the infographics or even the brochures, this tool holds a firm place in visual presentations.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Workflow

                                           Source: Salesfusion

Most of the CMOs spend busy days at work. The use of marketing automation software can shred some extra weight from their shoulders. Marketing automation tools help you to put your email marketing campaigns on autopilot mode, integration with CRM, lead capturing & attribution, analytics & reporting, workflow implementation among others


MozWhen it is about Search Engine Optimization, what can be better than Moz! It has the best options for keyword analysis, content marketing, rank tracking, and everything in between. Perfect SEO monitoring is possible with this tool.


BufferBuffer is one of the most popular social media marketing tools. Buffer allows you to manage multiple social profiles with ease. You can schedule any type of message on any platform, even by specifying message templates, such as "every day" or "weekdays." You can also use Buffer the tool to keep track of your messages, evaluating which ones have been most effective, and why they have been.


TrelloTrello is more focused on task management. It allows the creation of blocks and tasks, the assignment to a person, the To-do list monitoring and their progress among others. It is ideal for freelancers who work with partners or who offer proper progress monitoring service of the customers. 



Dreamdata.io is a world-class B2B analytics and attribution tool. Dreamdata technology collects, links, and cleans up all revenue data to present a transparent and usable analysis of the elements generating B2B revenue. This process allows companies to perform B2B attribution and understand, determine the value of ads, measure content ROI and growth, forecast revenue, and make decisions about the next marketing actions

Crazy Egg

CrazyeggWhen it comes to the proper data service of Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, and Click Report, then trusting Crazy Egg is the best choice for you. CMOs can judge correctly with this tool the tone of customers interaction with the company website. Through behavioural analytics, CMOs can calibrate their marketing strategies.


SeamlessSeamless.ai happens to be the world’s first live search engine. The tool is perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. The CMOs can find the right market to address with this tool. They can identify the key accounts as well as contacts, source emails, phone numbers, and other insights. Seamless also provides easy integration with your CRM.  

Right Marketing with the Right Tools brings the Right Results

2020 brings a lot of challenges to marketers. To be recepient centric, marketers need to be empowered with right tools to reach out to target audience at the right place and at the right time. Some of the tools we discussed above will help marketers creating authentic connections with their audience. 

What tools do you use for marketing? Share them in the comments section!


Written by Nikhil

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