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10 Tactics to Solve your Email Marketing Woes

[fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2018 1:15:21 AM / by Shreyansh Surana

Shreyansh Surana



With the explosion of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., people are in your face 24/7 with regular updates, videos, and photos. With this revolution in communication and visibility, businesses now have taken over social media to market their products. However, of all the marketing means used by the businesses, email marketing continues to generate highest ROI.

For your email marketing campaign to catch the eye of the subscriber, your content has to be exceptional and address their pressing needs. It also needs to have a personalized touch with catchy subject lines, relevant and interesting content which are easily readable and professional looking and also optimized for mobile devices.

Email marketing requires significant investment; this is where HubSpot Email Marketing Templates comes in handy and makes emailing a breeze. So if you have a team of dedicated and brilliant resources in addition to Hubspot’s custom email marketing templates, it is sure going to generate a response and increase opt-in rates.


10 Best Tactics to Solve Your Email Marketing Woes:

Every email marketer tends to agonize over what works for them and what doesn’t. So if you are one of them stick around as we take you through 10 best tactics to solve your email marketing woes.

1. Validate Email to Reduce Bounce Rates:

Are your emails bouncing back and not reaching its destination? Well, there could be two possibilities; one- the email address you have entered doesn’t exist anymore which means you need to delete the email address from your mailing list right away, two – it is a temporary server issue and once resolved you can resend your email.
According to Campaign Monitor, ideal benchmark for bounce rates is 2% whereas anything beyond that calls for attention. So it is advisable to clean your database to filter out active and inactive subscribers to reduce the bounce rates. The best way is to make use of email validating tools to check the validity of email addresses. 


2. A/B Test your Email As Much As Possible

Compelling content – check,

Email structure and design- check,

Subject line- check,

But still, you are not getting enough conversion? Are you scratching your head over which tactic is working and which is not? Alright, time to break free from the cocoon of your gut instinct to A/B testing.
A/B testing lets you send out two versions of the same email to a certain number of contacts in your email list and identify the version that triggered maximum response. So it helps you in identifying elements that work and the elements causing hindrance in your marketing strategy. To achieve maximum conversion, it is better to do A/B test all your marketing emails.


3. Engaging Content to Increase Opt-in Rate:

The sure shot way of increasing your opt-in rates is to provide your subscribers with intriguing and compelling content that addresses their needs.
There are two types of email opt-ins; single and double opt-in. In single opt-in as the name suggests, when you sign up your email address is added to the subscribers list and you will immediately start receiving emails whereas in double opt-in, verification or confirmation email is first sent to the email address and it also requires you to click on the link to confirm that you have subscribed to the list.
But have you seen some landing pages with interesting content but before you start reading you are forced to stop and enter your email address? When you are coerced to do something, it will backfire. This is one tactic you should surely avoid. Instead, make an opt-in pop-up box appear once they reach the end of the page.



4. Pay Attention to your Subject Line:

As per CMB Consumer Pulse report, the strong subject line makes up for 47% of email open-rate. Exceptionally well-written subject lines can increase the open rate of your email. The subject line should ideally be attention-grabbing, concise and consistent with the body of the email.

Its character length might be roughly around 40-50, but it establishes the tone for the rest of the content inside. Create a catchy and compelling subject line by sparking curiosity. It is the subject line you need to work on the hardest. You can also consider personalizing the email by adding the name of the subscriber at the start of the subject line. Above all, keep it simple and concise.


5. Perfect your Timing and Frequency:

You have crafted an enticing email with a juicy subject line, but the next question is when do you send it to get maximum open rates? Well, it all depends on how well you know your subscribers. However, to know your subscribers, first you need to monitor their likes, dislikes, their active times stalk them! Sounds creepy? It is not how it sounds.
That’s the mantra all the businesses these days follow. You can follow your subscribers or make your subscribers like you, follow you on social media to get to know them better. Now that you know your subscribers’ active time, the next thing is to test the frequency at which you need to send an email. You can try sending emails whenever they are active and check the open rate. By and large, the frequency of sending emails depends on the open rate.
So, once you know your subscribers are indeed opening your email, you can limit your frequency to say one or two emails per week. Avoid spamming your subscribers with bulk emails as this might put them off and make them unsubscribe your emails.



6. Treat your Subscribers Independently and Boost Loyalty:

If you are to create a marketing strategy, first start off with treating your subscribers as an individual and second based on their preferences make your email tailored just for them. It will make them feel important and also build their trust in you. Newsletters and promotional email are something you should use to nurture your relationship with your subscribers.



In addition to this, providing your subscribers with exclusive and early offers, reminder emails for some event or activity they showed interest in, thank you notes and wishing them on birthday, etc., all account for boosting loyalty.


7. Giving your Subscribers Choice:

The best way to keep your subscribers happy is to let them have a choice of receiving emails as per their schedule like how often to hear from you, the kind of emails they want to receive. Just let them take control by managing their email preferences. Provide your subscribers with email preference link at the bottom of the email.



8. Integrate with Wider Marketing Media:

The easiest way to grow your email subscribers is by adding social share buttons to your emails to reach the wider audience. You can also your email to link to your social media page to grow your social channels. This cross-channel promotion is a smart strategy to rope in more subscribers for your email newsletter. For example, you can add links to your subscription page or you can even opt-in forms on your social media websites.




9. Design a Mobile Friendly Email:

According to CMB Consumer Pulse Report of 2012, nearly 66% of the population under 30 make use of smartphones or tablets to access their emails. With more and more people relying on their smartphones and tablets, it is high time businesses start adapting to new technology for marketing their products. To create a responsive design make sure your focus is on designing an Email that is mobile friendly and caters to different screen size, large or small.



10. Automate your Email:

Be it sending a welcome message to new subscribers, wishing them on their birthday, etc. automation tool takes care of it all. You can even automate the delivery of your email marketing campaigns to reach your subscribers at the right time. Automating tools can come in handy when you are running short of resources.


In a Nutshell:

Email marketing is here to stay as it outperforms every other marketing strategy. So an email strategy with a custom made templates and with little personalization and optimization is a sure way to end all your marketing woes.

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